Top 12 Trendy Asian Men Hairstyles for an Impeccable Look

Asian cultures are known for their impeccable and versatile hair grooming techniques. The culture of grooming and styling your hair based on what demographic you fall into, be it student, working-class, executive, or public servant, has prevailed in Asian countries for thousands of years. A good example is the Samurai “man bun,” a look that’s still worn today.

Here are some trendy Asian men hairstyles to help you achieve an impeccable look.

Asian Men Short Hairstyles

1. College Boy

College Boy

Image source: Pinterest

This haircut is popular among Asian youth and is often the look used in movies for students. It’s a well-groomed look that can be styled in a number of ways. It’s also really popular with K-pop bands so you’re likely to get some attention for it.

2. Textured French Crop With Taper

French Crop

Image source: Pinterest

One of the most popular Asian men hairstyles, this style conveys a strong but silent demeanor. The crisp French crop adds a unique touch to the style. To achieve this look, you’ll need to visit a quality hairdresser and ask for tapered fades.

3. French Crop With Straight Bangs

Straight Bangs

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Arguably the most stylish way to ever show off your bangs. The French crop adds just the right amount of attitude to it. It’s an easy look to achieve and doesn’t need regular maintenance or trimming unless you’re planning to add faded sides.

4. Silent Taper Fade

Taper Fade

Image source: Pinterest

The silent taper fade has a very intelligent and solemn look. It’s an ideal hairstyle both for college students and fresh graduates applying for a job.

Asian Men Medium Hairstyles

5. Chuck Chae’s Side-swept Fringe And Goatee

Fringe And Goatee

Image source: Pinterest

Chuck Chae is a famous South Korean film director. His hairstyle features a long side-swept fringe paired with a goatee. It’s a style that combines artist, gentleman, and connoisseur while adding a touch of elegance and a regal feel to it.

6. Frizzly Thin Hair Tall Brush Up

Thin Hair

Image source: Pinterest

This haircut is not easy to achieve at home, and you need the right kind of hair to pull it off. It’s best suited for those with straight hair but with some texture, so it can be styled and held up without gel. But the end result is dashing, to say the least. It’s got boyish charms, attitude, and swagger.

7. Swiftly Tapered Sides With Side Swept Top

Side Swept

Image source: Pinterest

Combining tapered sides with a side-swept top fringe is a very underrated look. It suggests an easygoing attitude and warmth with a modern touch. It’s also easy to achieve as long as you have straight bouncy hair.

8. Dropped Tapering With Faded Temple

Faded Temple

Image source: Pinterest

Dropped tapering with a faded temple is another popular and trending hairstyle among young Asian men. It’s got simplicity and style. To make it stand out more, you can add a mohawk.

Asian Men Long Hairstyles

9. Undercut Bun With Slit Line Up

Slit Line Up

Image source: Pinterest

Having short curls can be a blessing if you’re going with this style to add some more personality to your bun. This look mixes the traditional style for grooming hair with modern grooming techniques and features. Add some tapered fades to the side and you’ll look like a star!

10. Samurai Bun Asian Men Hairstyle


Image source: Pinterest

The Samurai bun is arguably Asia’s oldest hairstyle and is still commonly used today, even in high-level executive circles. It’s a look that portrays cleanliness, dignity, and modesty, which makes people take a shine to you on their first encounter.

11. Loosely Looped Ponytail


Image source: Pinterest

The loosely looped ponytail is the rock and roll cousin of the Samurai bun. It’s got all the qualities of the bun but also makes you seem more brooding and enigmatic. The look is very easy to achieve since it basically requires the absence of grooming.

12. Tousled Just So


Image source: Pinterest

The straight-out-of-bed look never gets old, and the younger you are the better you can pull it off usually. If you have smooth bouncy hair that’s naturally curly, you can achieve this look effortlessly just by growing your hair out. It’s a look that portrays youth, enthusiasm, and innocence. Perfect for teenagers and young adults.

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