What Colors Go With Gold? 8 Best Combinations To Try

what colors go with gold

Gold is a timeless color. It is a color commonly associated with wealth, power, wisdom, and luxury to things. Think of the variety of jewelry, artwork, and even massive gold picture frames where the metal gold is used. And while gold jewelry continues to be popular, you will also find gold in diverse aesthetic elements, including sparkly gold strappy accessories, purses, clothes, footwear, as well as furniture.

Gold is enduring and will remain a staple. However, one common challenge with gold is determining which colors to pair it with. If you’re not smart about it, gold can look garish. So what colors go with gold? Read on to find out!

8 Colors Go With Gold

#1. Black


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One of the best colors that go with gold — or any color, for that matter — is black. This classic dark and neutral color allows the gold to take center stage and creates a timeless, modern, and sophisticated look. The sharp contrast between the sparkle and the plain black is eye-catching.

Despite the dark color, the combination of gold and black can create a rich, luxurious style that is chic and inviting.

For clothes, pairing your favorite LBD with gold accessories is a simple and classic look that can never go wrong. This combination is suitable for any occasion and time of the year. For home furnishings, this combination is best suited when working with dark wood.

#2. White


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Just like black, white is a classic and elegant color that pairs wonderfully with gold. In fact, you can even trace this white and gold combination back to the Egyptian era.

This color pairing always looks sophisticated, crisp, and clean. It has a simple elegance that’s refreshing to the eye and doesn’t appear forced. Plenty of interior designers have adapted the cohesiveness of gold and white for homes and building facades, and it always works. It creates this massive canvas with white as the background, and you can use different shades of gold to create a story through the design and interior picks.

The same applies to your OOTDs — try white trousers paired with a shiny gold top for a statement look.

#3. Emerald Green


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Jewel tones like emerald green perfectly match the metallic gold. And surprisingly, these two powerful colors don’t clash; instead, they create an intriguing, lively, and rich color combination.

Pairing emerald green with gold accents or vice versa can make any room look more luxurious and lively and make the décor look alive and more inviting. In terms of clothes and jewelry, emerald and gold can easily turn heads and make you stand out in any room.

This is also why emerald green and gold are one of the top wedding motifs that couples select — the combination simply exudes a quiet sophistication that’s hard to match.

#4. Purple


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Purple has been a color of royalty, power, and wealth since time immemorial. And pairing it with gold just makes for a powerful statement that no one can ignore.

Purple is the result of combining blue and red, and this warm color looks well paired with the striking gold. If you want to leave a lasting impression, a purple and gold combo is one option you won’t regret.

However, be careful to select your pieces carefully to allow the details in each color to shine. Avoid materials that are too shiny, as they can look tacky with this combination. Keep the purple muted or solid and not too loud. This applies not only to clothing but also accessories.

#5. Burgundy


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Red and gold make a good combination, but if you want to deviate from this relatively common pairing, try burgundy and gold.

Burgundy is a deeper version of red. It may be regarded as less fun or exciting than red, but this deep color has a dramatic effect. Since this combination is powerful enough, when using it for your clothes, keep your accessories minimal.

For décor, pair it with gold pieces or accessories, and you give your space an instant glow-up that is not too intimidating or too fun but agreeable to everyone.

A trick you can try is adding a third color — vibrant red — in your burgundy and color combination. It will give your room an additional dimension that will make the space look intriguing.

#6. Yellow


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Yellow and gold together? Why not? You may think that these two will clash horribly since they’re from the same color palette, but yellow and gold can create a lovely warm and rich look.

Different hues of yellow, especially mustard yellow, make for such a great pairing with gold that you’ll start believing these two bright colors are meant to be together.

The combo makes each of these hues shine on their own, and to make them work together, just ensure that you work with keeping everything color-blocked and solid. You can also throw in complementary colors like taupe or midnight blue to break the monotony.

#7. Blue


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Another shade that works surprisingly well with gold is blue. Cool to the eyes, blue becomes more classy and eye-catching with accents of gold. The crisp tone of blue plus the brilliance of gold can have an impressive result.

When used in interiors like couches, use blue as the predominant color and allow gold to enrich it through using it as an accessory in the form of gold trimmings or gold-hued throw pillows.

#8. Blush Pink


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Blush pink paired with gold creates a sweet, feminine vibe. These two colors are ideal not only for a “princess room” but can also be excellent lady-boss colors.

The soft colors are pleasant to the eyes and are an instant mood booster. It evokes positivity, optimism, and an overall brighter outlook.

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