What Makes A Woman Elegant? 8 Signs To Look For

what makes a woman elegant

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” — Audrey Hepburn.

Elegance is not just about how you dress but also how you present and carry yourself, how you behave, and how you interact with others. Elegance is thus often regarded as a state of mind. However, there are also certain external elements that add to a woman’s elegance, from the way you dress to your makeup to the way you carry yourself. Keep reading to re-discover what makes a woman elegant.

What Does It Mean To Be Elegant?


Elegance is not about being rich or having luxurious clothes or accessories. Elegance is a term used to describe someone with good taste, sophistication, and grace.

Typically, elegance is reflected in your choice of clothes and pieces of accessories like bags and jewelry. It’s how you put together a clean and classy fashion masterpiece. But more than the superficial, elegance is also how you carry yourself when interacting with other people.

8 Details To Make Any Woman Elegant


#1. Cleanliness Is Key

The importance of being clean and hygienic cannot be overstated. No amount of designer accessories can make you look, smell, and feel elegant if you don’t take care of your body.
Make sure you’re on top of your skincare and hair care game. And don’t forget to pamper your body as well. Trim your nails and clean them regularly.

Once you take care of these essentials, you can start worrying about your clothes being clean and presentable. Stains or unkempt and wrinkled clothes can make you look sloppy — the opposite of elegant.

Even if people do not see the details, you’ll be aware of these small things, which can nag at you throughout the day and make you feel self-conscious.

#2. Choose Your Outfits Tastefully

You don’t always have to jump on the latest fashion trend. What makes a woman elegant is having her own statement style that makes her look and feel her absolute best.

Wearing clothes that you are not happy or uncomfortable in will cause you to feel self-conscious, and this can affect how you act around others. You might find yourself constantly fidgeting by tugging on a hem, adjusting your outfit, or using your hands to cover a part of your body.

When you pick your outfit in the morning, make sure that it is well-fitted and something you can wear the entire day.

#3. Remember — Less Is Always More

Just because you have it doesn’t mean you must always flaunt it. This applies to not only outfits, bags, and shoes but also makeup and jewelry. Work on striking the perfect balance in your outfit. As much as you love prints, you shouldn’t be pairing leopard print with something with sequins or tassels.

The same applies to your jewelry, including the option to buy engraved necklaces online. Lockets are also timeless pieces, it would be a great decision to get one. The good news is you can buy engraved lockets online and still be confident that you’re getting your money’s worth. Layering necklaces look very pretty as long as they complement each other. But you don’t need to wear your entire jewelry box.

Similarly, keeping your makeup subtle and delicate is a great way to accentuate your features. For example, if you’re sporting a bold lip, keep your makeup base very natural. Or if you’re going for an adventurous blue smokey eye, don’t pair it with orange or red lips.

Be mindful of the colors you use in your outfits as well as your makeup.

#4. Stealth Mode Works!

You may love all the designer items you have in your wardrobe but don’t wear branded items together. It’s always more elegant to be discreet when wearing designer items and only pick one at a time, even if the styles and colors match.

Imagine stepping out wearing a tee with a “Gucci” splashed across the front paired with a large Louis Vuitton bag. Sure, people will know you have money, but you will only end up looking tacky.
If you like branded items, opt for ones that do not have an obnoxious brand name or logo on their products.

#5. You Can’t Go Wrong With Basics

Your wardrobe must have certain essentials or basics. Now, you may question how basic wardrobe staples equate to elegance. Well, sometimes, a few simple basics are all you need to curate an elegant look.

Invest in good quality basics like a plain white shirt, a well-tailored black blazer, a good pair of white tennis shoes, a little black dress, and a couple of nude heels.

These essentials may be standard, but they are the most versatile pieces in any woman’s wardrobe. And when accessorized properly, you can curate certain statement outfits that exude sophistication and elegance.

#6. Walk With Confidence And Grace

Moving away from the superficial details that will add to your elegance, there’s also a lot you can do to exude elegance and sophistication through your very presence.

One thing that all elegant women have in common is that they carry themselves with grace and confidence. For example, keep your shoulders back and hold your head high; make eye contact with whoever you’re talking to. This takes some practice to look and feel natural, but this one simple trick of being aware of your posture can work wonders for your confidence.

You can feel grateful and elegant while doing the most tedious work in the office or while running errands by simply carrying yourself well.

#7. Polish Your Language

Cursing like a sailor can feel cool, sure, but it certainly isn’t elegant or classy. There’s a difference between being confident and being rude. Pay attention to the words you speak and your tone when you speak to people.

Go ahead and speak your mind but be polite and courteous when you make your opinions heard. Don’t be vulgar with your language, and most importantly, avoid gossip.

#8. Have Proper Etiquette

Your personality will always be your greatest accessory. No amount of luxurious brands or makeup can make you elegant if you are rude.

Being humble, kind, and respectful to the people around you doesn’t take much. And showing proper etiquette almost always leads to better relations with people. Let your attitude do the talking instead of the thousand-dollar handbag. Being human, considerate, and relatable is how you become a sophisticated, graceful, and elegant woman.

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