What Color of Shoes Go with Everything? Finding the Best Match

what color of shoes go with everything

Investing in a good pair of shoes can make a striking difference to your look. Aside from the shoe style, comfort, and versatility, the color of the shoes is also a significant element in getting your personal style right. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy multiple pairs of shoes in a wide variety of colors. There are certain shoe colors that can work wonderfully with everything.

So, how do you find that perfect jack-of-all-trades pair of shoes? This article will help you understand what color of shoes goes with everything to help you create unique looks with the same pair of shoes.

8 Color of Shoes That Go with Everything

#1. Black


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Black shoes may be a little traditional, but they are classic and timeless for a reason. The color goes with anything and everything you can dream of. And it works excellently for any occasion, from casual to formal to special events.

From sneakers to high heels, strappy sandals, and boots, black is a no-brainer choice. When you can’t decide on which color of footwear to wear, grab your pair of black shoes, and you’re good! Black shoes can be your BFF as it’s a color that won’t let you down.

#2. Beige


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Beige and nude are often interchanged since both shades share that pale hue of cream, brown, and white. But if you want a color of shoes that will pair well with everything, it’s beige.

This color will match and complement almost everything in your closet. Pair a striking red dress with beige closed platform heels, or put on beige suede ankle boots with some black leggings and a chunky knit jacket. You can even pair beige ballet flats with casual sundresses or trousers and still create a cohesive, clean look.

Besides, beige is a more fun hue than black. And the best thing about this color is that this neutral color can flatter all skin tones and complement all types of OOTDs!

#3. White


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Some people may think white shoes are boring and extremely high maintenance. You have to be conscious of where you’re walking to avoid getting your white shoes stained. While all that is true, a good pair of white shoes can work as an essential wardrobe staple!

This classic color goes with everything and completes whatever look you are going after. White shoes are like a blank but versatile slate that you can spruce up in a variety of different ways to create new and unique looks.

Today, white sneakers are making a massive comeback, with people of all ages owning a pair or two. A great thing about white shoes is that they can be worn all year round, not just during the summer or spring. For example, white boots can beautifully complement thick leggings, knits, and bubble jackets in the winter.

White also has more character, and pairing it with nude colors can give off an almost preppy look.

#4. Gray


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Gray is a muted color that will never go out of style. And this color is one neutral color that both men and women can wear effortlessly.

In the corporate world, for example, gray shoes are the most neutral type of shoes you’ll find that still add some personality and spunk to your attire. And compared to traditional black shoes, they can add more character.

It’s natural to lean toward black instead of gray, but the next time you come across gray-colored shoes that fit well, go for them. You’ll be surprised how versatile they can be!

#5. Blush


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The sweeter and more feminine sister of beige, blush is a color that can be described as a lighter shade of pink with an almost flirty vibe.

Some blush shoes, specifically heels and pumps, are excellent if you want that subtle pop of color in your outfit without being too distracting or vibrant. Blush is a delicate color that works with your outfit and not against it.

You can also pair your blush-colored shoes with any number of colors and styles. Blush pumps with an emerald dress, a red gown, a navy jumpsuit, or even some hot pink trousers will make you stand out like nothing else!

#6. Nude or Skin Tone


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Nude shoes are another wardrobe staple. And there are plenty of nude shades to choose from, depending on the hues of this shade. And the great thing is this skin-tone color suits all types of outfits and styles beautifully.

And a smart trick here is that if you get a pair of nude shoes that match your skin tone, it creates an illusion of longer legs, making it an ideal option when wearing skirts. You can, of course, pair them with pants and longer skirts, too.

You can also go for nude shoes with some bling or accent color on them; otherwise, stick to a pair made with a matte or semi-leather material.

#7. Brown and Tan


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Brown and tan are cousins of nude and are also wardrobe staples. You can wear brown/tan shoes with almost every style and clothing color, but they work especially well with blacks, grays, browns, and whites. If you are after that slightly conservative professional look, then brown is for you.

Don’t mistake brown or tan for a dull color; it’s just slightly traditional and almost always used in the corporate setting. But if you’re smart with your shoe style and know what to pair it with, the versatile brown can be your new reliable shoe color for every activity and occasion.

#8. Navy Blue


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The one shoe color you can wear with almost anything is navy blue. And this color can work for both casual and elegant styles, so you can wear it throughout the year attending all sorts of activities and events.

Despite being bolder, it does not take the spotlight and will complement neutral as well as vibrant colors. It is not too harsh and yet creates a more flattering and fun pop of color to your look.

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