8 Magic School Anime You Simply Cannot Miss

magic school anime

If you enjoyed the famous Harry Potter Sevenology or Eightology, there’s a whole world of insanely imaginative magic school stories waiting for you in the world of anime. Here are some of the best magic school anime you need to watch.

What Is Magic School Anime?


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Magic School Anime is not a specified genre within anime, but a term used to refer to anime involving magic powers and institutions. They can fall within the more recognized Shōnen, Kodomo, or even Shoujo genre.

They’re nothing like Hogwarts, some of them are much darker and most of them have intense, high-powered combat scenes the likes of which you can’t find in movies as anime allows creators to materialize their wildest fantasies of what magic powers can be.

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8 Best Magic School Anime You Can’t Afford to Miss

1. Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan (Sky Wizards Academy)


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Many years ago, a swarm of magical armored insects drove humanity off the land they once inhabited and forced them to retreat to aerial floating cities. Although the threat of these bugs remains strong, warriors of the floating wizards’ academy have been fighting these monsters to keep them at bay.

Kanata Age, the main character, was once celebrated as a master swordsman but is regarded as a traitor today. He seeks to redeem himself by guiding team E601 which consists of three girls with a reputation for failing missions.

2. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

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On a fateful day, Arta Kasuga’s town met with infallible destruction when the bright red sun’s light disappeared. But in an effort to twist fate, someone used the magical grimoire to put this world back together artificially.

To investigate this further, one day, little Asami appears before Arata demanding the knowledge of why this world is slowly disintegrating. His other option is death.

But instead of handing over the books, Arata chooses the third option. He enrolls in a secret magic school called the Royal Biblia Academy along with six other capable magic users to form the elite Trinity Seven.

3. Little Witch Academia


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Little Witch Academia is about a school specifically for young witches and how they go about polishing their skills to become stronger. The first episode tells the story of a famous witch named Shiny Chariot. She’s the greatest ideal for their world as wizards and everyone wants to be like her.

However, eventually, the fandom declines and following Shiny Chariot’s example goes out of fashion. Fast forward, you get to the main character of the show, Atsuko. Atsuko is an aspiring witch who repeatedly besmirches Shiny Chariot and muddles through her studies with little care.

She’s the classic example of a brash young ingrate. But when she meets her new friends in Luna Nova Magical Academy and goes on escapades, she starts to learn the true meaning of being a witch.

4. Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

Akashic Records

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Also referred to as Akashic Records of Bastard Music Instructor, this crudely named anime follows the story of Sistine Fibel, a noble girl with aspirations of honing her magical skill.

The Alonzo Imperial Magic Academy is among the most renowned magic schools. Sistine decides to enroll in this school to learn magic, only to find her favorite teacher replaced by the arrogant bastard magic instructor Glenn Radars.

Glenn Radars has a lazy and unattentive approach towards life altogether, let alone magic or teaching it. This attitude puts him on a slippery footing with the rest of his class. Eventually, a mysterious force hidden within the walls of the empire begins to grow and engulfs Glenn, Sistine, and Rumia in a nefarious plot.

5. Seireitsukai no Blade Dance

Blade Dance

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Also called Blade Dance of the Elementors, this anime is about a group of youths studying to become elemental magicians at the Areishia Spirit Academy. There was a time when this school was only enrolling women, but things change when a boy named Kamito Kazehaya is granted the opportunity to learn there.

On his way to the academy, Kamito runs into Clair Rouge, another student at Areishia. She had been preparing to join forces with a powerful spirit to bolster her capabilities as an Elementalist. However, since this was abruptly interrupted, Kamito accidentally ends up receiving the spirit — an odd occurrence because only shrine maidens could be recipients of the spirit.

6. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail may need no introduction for avid anime watchers. It’s almost up there with the anime big 3 in terms of popularity. Fairy Tail is about powerful guilds of wizards and witches that go on quests for treasures.

They each have unique abilities which manifest in some really diverse combat experiences. The story begins when Lucy Heartfilia, a traveling mage, encounters Natsu Dragneel, another mage trained to slay dragons.

Shortly after, an incident unfolds where Lucy gets kidnapped and Natsu saves her. Natsu offers her membership into the most prominent guild of them all, the Fairy Tail guild.

7. Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE!

Club Love

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You may have noticed magical girls are a major trend in magic school anime. If you’re looking for a change with boys having some fun instead, Cute High Earth Defense Club Love is the perfect watch.

The main characters are all members of the “Earth Defense Club” at Binan High School. They enjoy an easy-going life full of fun and mischief. But all these changes when they encounter a pink wombat who manages to force them into being “battle lovers” and taking up the responsibilities their club’s name implies.

Each episode is action-packed with conquests involving taking down tremendous beasts.

8. Zero no Tsukaima


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Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière is a mage with no talent when it comes to casting magical abilities. Hence, her class moniker “Louise the Zero”. This is despite the fact that she attends one of the most prestigious schools for magic, Tristain Academy.

She remains absorbed in the theoretical world of wands, cloaks, and royalty but can’t seem to put this magical knowledge to action. All these changes when, one fine day, Louise is asked to perform a summoning ritual and ends up causing an explosion instead.

At first glance, it seems like another one of her failures until the smoke clears, and out of it emerges Saito Hiraga.

Louise wanted to summon someone powerful but when she’s stuck with someone as ordinary and humble as Saito, she decides to make him her slave. This leads to the unlikely pair developing strong feelings for one another.

Where Can I Watch Magic School Anime?

Some of the best sites to stream anime legally and in high quality include Funimation, Gogoanime, CrunchyRoll, and AnimePlanet.

Netflix and Hulu have also jumped the anime bandwagon in the last few years. So if you already have a subscription, you should check if they have the anime you want to watch before you subscribe to any of the other ones.

A Few Parting Words

There’s always something for everyone in the fantastical space of anime. Magic school anime is one small subdomain of a much larger, greater treasure. Hope you found some of the entries on this list intriguing enough to stream.

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