The List of Fairy Tail Filler Episodes You Can’t Miss

list of fairy tail filler episodes

Do you want to catch up on Fairy Tail as quickly as possible without missing out? Maybe you simply don’t like fillers and want to avoid them. Whatever your reasons may be, this article’s got you covered.

In this article, you’ll find a detailed list of Fairy Tail filler episodes that will guide you through it. Furthermore, you’ll learn about which filler episodes you shouldn’t miss.

What Is Fairy Tail?

Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail is an anime series based on the manga of the same title by Hiro Mashima. The series follows the adventures of an infamous wizard guild called Fairy Tail. The main character, Natsu Dragneel joins forces with other members of the guild to fight demons, stop criminals, and find his adoptive father, the dragon Igneel.

The anime is filled with funny moments and epic battles, but it can also be emotional and profound at times.

I’ll stop here so as not to spoil anything for the new viewers. However, it’s obvious that this anime brings something unique to the table. Furthermore, it follows the manga series closely, so the fillers are few and far between. With less than 20% of all the episodes being fillers, Fairy Tail is fairly consistent.

That being said, there still are 66 filler episodes you might wish to skip or at least know about. But first, I’ll list all the canon episodes to give you a brief watch guide. Note that I’ll use season breaks outlined on Wikipedia, even though they are not exactly applicable to anime series.

However, since that’s the format that would appear on most of the non-Japanese websites, I decided to go with it.

Fairy Tail Canon Episodes


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Needless to say, you should watch every single one of the canon episodes. Missing any manga arc will pretty much ruin your viewing experience. Namely, you’ll find it hard to catch up with all the new characters and plots. Not to mention hours of epic battles and funny moments you could miss.

So, without further ado, here is a list of all the canon episodes of the show.

• Season 1 (1-48)

◦ Episodes 1-8

◦ Episodes 10-18

◦ Episodes 21-48

• Season 2 (49-72)

◦ Episodes 51-68

• Season 3 (73-100)

◦ Episodes 76-100

• Season 4 (101-125)

◦ Episodes 101-124

• Season 5 (126-150)

◦ No canon episodes

• Season 6 (151-175)

◦ Episodes 152-175

• Season 7 (175-265)

◦ Episodes 176-200

◦ Episodes 227-254

◦ Episodes 257-259

◦ Episodes 261-265

• Season 8 (266-277)

◦ Episodes 266-267

◦ Episode 269

◦ Episodes 271-277

• Season 9 (278-328)

◦ Episodes 278-311

◦ Episodes 313-328

Mostly Canon Episodes

Although these episodes are not taken directly from the manga, you’ll need to watch them in order to fully understand and enjoy the rest of the anime.

• Season 1, Episode 20

• Season 6, Episode 151

• Season 7, Episode 201

• Season 7, Episode 255

• Season 7, Episode 260

• Season 8, Episode 270

• Season 9, Episode 312

Fairy Tail Filler Episodes


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Anime creators usually use filler episodes to buy time while waiting for fresh source material. And although fillers can be as good as the original episodes, this is rarely the case. So, if you want to skip them or just differentiate between them and the manga-based episodes, this list is for you.

• Season 1

◦ Episodes 9 and 19

• Season 2

◦ Episodes 49 and 50

◦ Episodes 69-72

• Season 3

◦ Episodes 73-75

• Season 4

◦ Episode 125

• Season 5

◦ Episodes 126-150 (whole season)

• Season 6

◦ No fillers

• Season 7

◦ Episode 175

◦ Episodes 202-226

◦ Episode 256

• Season 8

◦ Episode 268

• Season 9

◦ No fillers

As you can see, Fairy Tail mostly stays true to the manga. Unlike Bleach and Naruto with around 50% of fillers, this anime managed to follow Mashima’s classic pretty well. Furthermore, some of the filler episodes and arcs fit well within the story and can be quite entertaining.

However, there are those fillers that I would suggest skipping, as they are just a waste of time and can ruin the series for you.

That’s why I decided to give you the lists of what the majority of fans consider the best filler episodes. That way, you’ll know which Fairy Tail fillers are still worth your time. Although I’ll try to avoid giving away spoilers as much as possible, there might be some minor ones down the line.

Fairy Tail Fillers Worth Watching

1. The Thunder Man (225)

One of the Fairy Tail members, Laxus, needs to deal with the weather problem of a certain town. However, he’ll soon find himself in hot waters. This episode is charming, funny, and tense at the same time. Even though it’s a filler, you shouldn’t skip it.

2. Treasure Hunt (268)

As our main characters are sailing towards their destination, one of them stumbles upon a mystical ancient temple. If you like mysteries, this episode is a must. Although it doesn’t provide viewers with epic fights they’re used to, it’s still worth their time.

3. The Day of the Fateful Encounter (49)

Lucy sets up her first date. However, other members of the Fairy Tail have a different plan for her. This episode deals with the topics of love and friendship, making it full of meaningful and emotional scenes. If you love some try not to cry moments of the series, don’t skip this episode.

4. Welcome Back, Frosch (202)

This episode follows Frosch, an Exceed (cat-like being) on his way back to Sabertooth guildhall. This episode is comedy gold, and it’s also cute as a button. Most of the Fairy Tail fans fell in love with the show thanks to the Exceed creatures, so this episode is ideal for them.

5. Lucy and Michelle (150)

As the last finale of the Key of the Starry Sky arc, this episode shows the events fans have been following for more than 20 episodes unravel. As with any finale, it’s shocking, intense, and emotional. And like any other Fairy Tail episode, it’s funny and charming. I would recommend going through this arc, even though you might regret it at times.

In Conclusion

Although Fairy Tail mostly remained true to the manga, some of the episodes and even whole arcs are anime exclusive. Knowing what these episodes are will help you create a watch order you find convenient.

However, don’t skip all of the fillers since some of them are truly worth your time. So don‘t forget to check out this list of Fairy Tail filler episodes when you are looking to binge-watch it.

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