14 Hot Anime Girls: Who Makes You Swoon?

hot anime girls

Not only is anime a trove of beautiful stories but also of some of the most beautiful fictional characters of all time. They’re not realistic when it comes to features but that’s something you can expect from fiction.

Anime brings to the screen the unattainable in terms of beauty and personality, something for people to marvel at and sometimes brim with envy. Perhaps, that’s what makes it so addictive.

Here are some top picks for hot anime girls that have left an unforgettable impression on men everywhere.

14 Hot Anime Girls

Not only are they attractive, but most of these hot anime girls have quite the reputation for being complete badasses.

1. Risako Nagisa (AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission)

Risako Nagisa

Image source: Anime-planet

Risako is a high-school teacher/secret agent with an unknown mission. She’s also one of the hottest female characters on the show, with a particular zest for lingerie and bikinis, and is often seen wearing outfits that reveal her large bosom. Although for her role as a teacher, she wises up and dresses conservatively.

As a teacher, she’s serious, strict, and has no qualms about taking physical disciplinary measures against students. She switches between her seductive side and disciplinarian side so often you wouldn’t know what to make of her.

2. Merlin (Seven Deadly Sins)


Image source: Pinterest

Merlin is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and arguably their most skillful fighter. The range of her abilities never ceases to amaze. If not for her, Meliodas would’ve become the king of the demon race and taken over the world. Merlin’s abilities have been instrumental to the Deadly Sins in all their fights.

Merlin wears a long violet mage cloak and a skin-tight suit under it with lots of room for more clothing. She’s not shy about showing off her curves. Her hair is dark, roughly hewn, and her eyes are a piercing shade of golden. She has a playful, cunning nature that accentuates her appearance.

3. Shiraki (Prison School)


Image source: Pinterest

Meiko Shiraki, despite only being a side character, leaves an indelible impression on anime viewers with her fascination for bondage. She’s a tall, gorgeous woman with perfect eyes and lips and thick grey hair that she ties in a bun with a right sweep. She also has round frame glasses that complement her delicate feminine features.

Like most characters on this list, she’s also exceptionally large-breasted and not afraid to let it show. She wears her school uniform unbuttoned with her miniskirt. Shiraki isn’t just an anime character but the epitome of male fantasy.

4. Sakaki Ryoko (Shokugeki no Soma)


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Sakaki Ryoko is like that one unattainable hot girl in every high school. Apart from her amazing figure, curves in all the right places, and thick long fuchsia hair, she’s hilarious and also has the best personality a girl can. She’ll make you wet yourself laughing.

Sakaki’s usually portrayed in her high school uniform but Shokugeki loves offering fan service so you’ll also get to see many sides of her, to put it gently.

5. Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost In The Shell)


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If you’re into strong gorgeous women who need no protection from others in any manner, Motoko will become the epicenter of your fantasies after Ghost in the Shell.

She’s a military officer, part of one of the strongest public security teams in the series, who has exceptional skills in combat. If that wasn’t cool enough, she’s also a cyborg outfitted with the latest technologies.

She has violet-colored hair and crimson eyes and usually wears a body-tight combat suit with a black trench coat. Everything about her, from her appearance to her personality, screams power. And it has to, otherwise, you’d just be distracted by her beauty.

6. Launch (Dragon Ball Z)


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Launch was first introduced in Dragon Ball when Master Roshi asked Krillin and Goku to find him a young beautiful girl to cater to his perversions. However, little did Master Roshi know Launch was going to be a handful, even for him.

She has a unique disorder that causes her to have a 180-degree change in personality. She goes from being a pure-hearted blue-haired woman to a mean, violent and angry blonde every time she sneezes.

Launch’s outfits have changed often throughout the series but the one constant fashion statement both pre-and-post-sneeze Launch holds on to is the red ribbon in her hair.

7. Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagan)


Image source: Pinterest

If you’re into hot sci-fi chicks, you need to watch Gurren Lagan. It has a unique storyline, unseen character designs, and most importantly, Yoko Littner. She’s also a versatile firearms expert who specializes in sniping, so if hot wasn’t enough, she’s probably a lot cooler than you too.

Yoko’s character design is one of the best you’ll ever get out of anime. She has an incredible body, but her hairstyle and outfit are out of this world. She wears a black-and-red flame-patterned bikini top with a large scarf around her neck, black shorts, thigh-length socks, and a studded belt.

8. Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)


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If you grew up watching Cowboy Bebop, you’ve had a memorable childhood. It’s got that 90s vibe with a wild west/outer space setting that allows for all kinds of character exploration. Faye is one of the best characters in Cowboy Bebop.

She’s a cunning trickster and a femme fatale. So if you ever have a run-in with her, you best keep your eyes on her trigger finger. But her guns aren’t the only thing to watch out for. She also knows how to ensnare men into doing her bidding without them even realizing it.

Faye may be arrogant, lazy, and a little entitled but hides a deep emotional vulnerability. Romance isn’t her favorite thing in the world and she often hates being desired, but she knows how to love and develops a strong bond with her traveling companions.

9. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Bleach)


Image source: Pinterest

Nelliel is a good-natured, childlike Arrancar who is a hybrid between a soul reaper and a hollow. When she was first introduced to Bleach, she was in her child form, quick to burst into tears and with an unstoppable runny nose. However, when Ichigo was in trouble she transformed into her true state in which she is a powerhouse.

Nelliel is curvaceous, has moss-green hair that covers her forehead, and hazel eyes. But that’s not all that her transformation offers. She also gets more mature, calculative, and sophisticated but with the same obsession with Ichigo that her child state has. Everything about Nel’s adult form is pure waifu material.

10. Saeko Busujima (Highschool Of The Dead)


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Saeko is one of the strongest characters in Highschool of the Dead with a high caliber of swordsmanship. She’s kind, caring, reliable, and often looked up to for her strength.

She’s the captain of the Kendo club at Fujima high school and specializes in close-range melee combat. What makes her so badass is how she smiles every time she’s in a tough spot because she’s always got a plan up her sleeve.

Saeko has all the qualities of a leader, which makes her even more attractive than her slender athletic figure and straight purple hair with a triangular fringe at the center.

11. Elizabeth Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)


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Elizabeth Liones is the most loyal companion/lover anyone could ever ask for. Her tearful outbursts throughout the show are annoying at first. But once you learn the depth of her tragedy, you can’t help but feel every tear she sheds.

As a fighter, Elizabeth hasn’t had much to offer but her healing abilities have been instrumental in several fights. In spite of being weak, she has saved Meliodas dozens of times. Elizabeth has silver-white hair that covers her left eye completely, a body fit for a waifu, emerald green eyes, and a faith-restoring smile.

12. Yoruichi (Bleach)


Image source: Pinterest

Yoruichi is a stone-cold fox with a cheeky grin and outstanding abilities as a fighter. She can go toe to toe with the strongest characters in the series with her flashy speed and battle intelligence.

Apart from Kisuke and Aizen, Yoruichi is probably the smartest character in the show. But that’s not surprising once you find out she used to be the captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13.

Her skin is mocha brown and hair purple parted down the middle with a samurai ponytail. She’s got the body of an athlete and wears a short combat dress to accentuate it.

13. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)


Image source: Pinterest

Hinata is sweet, loyal, and probably the most compassionate character in the entire Naruto franchise. But don’t let her gentle, shy demeanor fool you. When the fight comes to her, she can take you down using her Hyuga clan gentle fist technique. Despite her poor feats in the anime, she’s actually a really strong character, probably far above Jonin Tier.

Hinata has dark blue hair that cascades down her body like a waterfall. Her eyes are pale and seem large because Byakuan holders don’t have pupils, yet their eyes are the most perceptive. No anime waifu, best female characters, or hottest girls list is complete without Hinata. Her fanbase is arguably the largest, and deservedly so.

14. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)


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Erza Scarlet is a tough, take-no-bullshit type character, and the strongest mage of the Fairy Tail guild at the start of the show. Not only is she fearsome, but she’s also beautiful. But if you let her voluptuous figure catch you off-guard, you’ll be dead in a pinch.

Erza has many incredible qualities — she’s intellectual, a natural leader has a strong sense of justice, and, when needed, gentle-hearted too. She has scarlet red hair, brown eyes, and wears tight-suited armor to complement her slender figure. Her main ability on the battlefield is exemplary swordsmanship.

A Few Parting Words

Hot anime girls add spice to the story. They’re unrealistically good-looking but that’s not the focal allure of the characters on this list.

It is at times their humility, or their badassery, or spunk, and sometimes the cliche, but a beautiful cliche nonetheless, their boundless compassion. If you’re into anime girls, you have unquestionably good taste.

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