Wear What You Love: 9 Best Anime Clothing Brands

anime clothing brands

In recent years, anime clothing brands have seen a surge in popularity all around the world. It is easy to see why. These brands offer people the opportunity to wear the clothes they truly like and to express their identities in a way that usually isn’t available to them.

If you want to do the same but aren’t sure which brands deserve your attention, keep reading. This article will introduce you to the best anime clothing brands out there.

1. Atsuko


Image source: Atsuko.com

Atsuko sells some of the best certified anime merch on the market. Though the company mainly focuses on T-shirts, you can also get caps, sweatpants, and hoodies adorned with your favorite characters.

This brand offers anime clothing from most shows and movies out there. Whether you want something from a classic everyone knows or something that is a little more obscure and niche, you will be able to find it at Atsuko.

A great thing about this company is that it takes custom orders. Thus, you can find something that fits you no matter what your size and taste are. In addition, the prices are rather affordable, with most T-shirts averaging at about $25. Given the fact that they are certified, such prices are more than reasonable.

If you opt to shop from this store, you will have the option to use various different payment methods, from PayPal to any type of credit or debit card. All orders above $50 get free shipping, which is another plus.

The only downside to this brand is the fact that it does not ship outside of the US. Thus, if you do not have a forwarding address or someone to do the shopping for you, you will not be able to enjoy these products outside of the country.

2. Crunchyroll


Image source: Crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime clothing brands out there. Though you can find pretty much any anime merch here, the store is most famous for its One Piece collection. If that is what you are looking for, Crunchyroll is the place to be.

This brand offers a few more options when it comes to clothing items available. Aside from T-shirts, you can also get hoodies, jeans, different types of jackets, and shorts, all available in a variety of colors and styles.

This store restocks quite often, meaning that it is always on top of its demand. Moreover, it is always adding new shows to its merchandise list so that you can find clothes with your favorite anime, no matter how new or obscure it might be.

The average price for the items on this website is about $25. The company ships internationally, but not to countries such as Russia, South Africa, and Iran. Thus, it is best to check the shipping info and policies to see whether they ship to your region before doing anything else.

You will get free shipping on all orders above $100 if you live in the US. When it comes to international shipping, you might have to pay more for custom or import fees. Again, it all depends on your location, so you should check what the requirements are on the website.

3. Hot Topic

Hot Topic

Image source: Hottopic.com

Hot Topic is a reliable brand that usually sells music-related clothing, especially that connected to rock and metal bands. However, its anime collection is growing every day. If you are looking for some mainstream anime merch, Hot Topic will surely have what you need.

This brand offers fantastic tees with motifs from Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and other anime classics you grew up with. Apart from clothing, you can get items such as bags and backpacks with symbols from your favorite anime as well.

On average, the items in this store cost about $30. Moreover, you can order them from anywhere in the world and rest assured that your clothes will arrive safely and in a timely fashion.

4. Imouri


Image source: Imouri.com

Imouri is a store based in NYC, and it offers some of the best anime and Japanese culture-inspired clothing you can find. Its Mecha hoodies and T-shirts are beloved pieces of merch worn all around the world. Aside from those, you can also get hats, caps, backpacks, scarves, and many other goodies.

Imouri makes all its clothing from a blend of 99% cotton and 1% poly. This combination ensures that your clothes are durable, sustainable, and soft. Each piece can also stretch considerably without any damage to the fabric.

This company also offers international shipping with no limitations. Thus, you can get its clothing wherever you live. The average price is a bit more expensive than that of the brands above, at around $35. Still, the quality and excellent customer care make the pricing more than justified.

5. Kaomoji


Image source: Kaomoji.com

As one of the best anime clothing brands out there, Kaomoji offers goodies inspired by Japanese streetwear. If you are into minimalism and need something lowkey to rep your love for anime, this store will have you covered.

An excellent feature of this brand is the fact that you can get both printed and embroidered designs based on your preferences. The clothes are made from the softest of materials, and each piece lasts for years, no matter how often you wear it.

This brand offers merch with characters and symbols from the most famous anime. These include Death Parade, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Hataraku Mao-sama, and many others.

All products are around $30, and you can get them no matter where you live. However, you might have to pay an additional shipping fee based on where you are from.

6. Design By Humans

Design By Humans

Image source: Designbyhumans.com

This brand is the best choice if you are looking for specific character-based tees and hoodies. Its designs and clothing are of the highest quality, and any casual anime fan will be able to find something for themselves.

What draws most people to this brand are its prices and enticing discounts, promo codes, and coupons available quite often. With them, shopping for anime clothing will not drain your budget at all.

Even without the discounts and sales, Design By Humans is more affordable than most of the anime clothing brands on this list. You can get beautiful tees for anywhere between $18 and $24, which is a bargain unlike any other.

7. Redbubble


Image source: Redbubble.com

Before you think to yourself that Redbubble isn’t really an anime clothing brand, consider this. Do you want to support independent anime artists who are selling their own designs and making custom merchandise that no certified store can offer? If so, then Redbubble is indeed the place to be

On this website, you can search for virtually any show, movie, symbol, or character you want. You will get dozens of designs to choose from, and you can pick which piece of clothing you want them on. From tees and hoodies to jackets and backpacks, artists on Redbubble have got it all.

Another great thing about this website is the pricing. Most merch is a lot more affordable than on other certified sites, which is what makes many people choose to shop here in the first place.

One factor that you need to pay attention to is the company’s shipping policies. As of now, it does not ship to places such as Cuba, Iran, Sudan, North Korea, and Crimea. As always, it is best to check all the shipping info on the site before trying to order anything.

8. Animelife


Image source: Animelife.us

Animelife is yet another excellent option to consider on the quest to find the best anime clothing brands out there. These clothes are quite modern and have a streetwear vibe that makes them a great choice for any casual outing.

This store is, perhaps, best known for its extensive collections of hats and caps. If that is what you need and want, no other store will have as many options as Animelife. Apart from those, you can also get hoodies, tees, and sweatpants with characters and symbols from your favorite anime.

If you sign up for the website, you will instantly receive a discount code for your first purchase. However, you can also count on weekly and monthly discounts that the store offers all the time. Thus, getting merch from Aimelife will be more affordable than you can imagine.

You can use various payment methods, from credit cards to PayPal. The shipping is international with no restrictions. However, if you live on the other side of the world from the US, you can expect some delays when it comes to your deliveries. Still, everything will arrive eventually, and you won’t have to pay any additional fees for it.

9. Joom


Image source: Joom.com

When it comes to great anime clothing brands, you simply have to consider Joom. This store offers high-quality clothing that will last for years. The prices range from $11 to $30, meaning that there is something for everyone.

Aside from the clothes available on the site, you have the opportunity to request custom pieces made just for you. These will be more expensive, but the attention to detail and quality will be more than worth it.

Though most clothes are made from cotton, you can also find pieces made of linen, lace, poly, and other materials. Thus, you can choose what fits your preferences, budget, and needs best.

Joom ships internationally, and it does so with no limitations. However, you might have to pay additional customs fees if you live in certain countries. Check the company’s website to see whether that applies to your specific location.

Finally, the greatest thing about Joom is how fast you can complete a purchase. Namely, all you need is your phone and the company’s app. With just a few clicks, your merch will be on its way in the blink of an eye.

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