What Smells Deter Cats from Peeing Everywhere in the house?

what smells deter cats from peeing

Cats are smart and affectionate creatures who can be extremely amusing to live with. It is always advised to train your cat to use their litter box when they want to relieve themselves. This makes cleaning after them a lot easier and ensures a hygienic space.

However, cats have a tendency to pee all over the house and ignore their litter box or the garden outside. Not something anyone would want to deal with as cat pee has a pungent odor and is very annoying to clean. Let’s learn more about this odd behavior and what smells deter cats from peeing.

Why My Cat Is Peeing in The House

Cats are generally clean animals but they can make your whole house stink like a litter box. A quick fix is using certain smells that are known to keep cats away. But before we get to what smells deter cats from peeing, it’s important that you identify what is causing this problem.

If your cat is peeing outside its litter box, there are certain concerns to look out for.

Medical Problems


#1. The most common medical concern found in 75% of these cases is idiopathic cystitis. This causes bladder inflammation and pain, resulting in urgency to pee everywhere.

#2. Painful bladder stones or blockage in their urinary tract could cause them to cry out in pain. You can notice that parts of their abdomen are tender as well. This is a sign of blockage that must be addressed at the earliest.

In case you find blood in their pee, rush to your vet immediately.

#3. A urinary tract infection (UTI) can occur if your cat comes into contact with other excreta. This will lead to your cat peeing in small amounts several times within a short duration.

Other reasons include fatal illnesses like bladder tumors or urinary crystals, reduced brain function due to age, or hormonal disorders like diabetes.

Behavioral Problems


Cats aren’t the most predictable creatures ever; they live by their whims and fancies. However, certain things are surefire ways of riling them up and leading to behavioral problems.

#1. Moving to a new place can be stressful for your cat, too. They could also be marking their territory by spraying all over to keep other predators/cats away.

#2. If they don’t like their litter tray, or where it is placed, they will happily ignore it. Position their litter tray to give your cat easy access.

#3. They may simply like peeing on certain objects. Remove those objects or restrict their access to them so your cat is forced to use their litter box.

What Smells Deter Cats from Peeing?


If there is one thing that cats simply loathe, it is other strong scents.

There are several household items that can act as great deterrents. These won’t add to their anxiety and would simply keep them away from the area you’re looking to protect from cat pee.

Essential Oils

If there’s one thing cats detest, it’s the scent of essential oils.

Here are some of the most effective essential oils you can use:

#1. Eucalyptus oil

#2. Lavender oil

#3. Peppermint oil

#4. Orange oil

#5. Citronella oil

#6. Lemongrass oil

#7. Rosemary oil

Citrus scents, in particular, are very effective in keeping your cat away from the areas you don’t want them defiling. You can prepare a mixture of lemon, orange, and garlic with a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oils to help your cat shy away from peeing.


Vinegar is also an excellent cat pee deterrent. Vinegar has a pungent smell that cats hate. You can use vinegar in full strength, but it’s better to dilute it in water before you spray it around your house.

Crushed Garlic and Pepper

Another smell that will keep your cat away is a combination of garlic and pepper, maybe even some lemon.

To prepare this mixture, combine crushed garlic with ground pepper in lemon juice. You can spray this in concentrated areas where your cat often pees.

Are There Any Risks When Using Essential Oils?


While most essential oils are safe to use, the compounds in some oils could harm your cat.

The likes of ketones, phenols, and d-limonene are quite dangerous to your cat, leading to allergies and neurological reactions. Try to buy oils that aren’t full of phenols, as your cat’s respiratory organs aren’t equipped to break down these compounds.

Extended exposure to these oils can get overwhelming and lead to respiratory distress as well. Make sure your cat does not come into direct contact with these oils. Contact your vet in case you notice them trembling or wheezing.

It is best to proceed with caution and be extremely watchful while using essential oils around cats. Use the right dosage and ensure minimal exposure.

A Few Parting Words

Having a cat who is stress-peeing all over your house can get very upsetting. However, it isn’t too hard to stop this habit, now that you know what smells deter cats from peeing.

Make sure to rule out any medical grievances, and pay attention to your feline bestie. If they know you’re there for them, they’ll let you calm them down. A little bit of patience and before you know it, they’ll be back to using their litter box in no time!

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