What Soap to Use for Tattoos? 10 Best Options

what soap to use for tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a relatively invasive form of self-expression that is intricately linked to your skin. When you get a tattoo, the needle pierces into your skin’s outer dermis, exposing it to bacteria and infections.

To prevent infections, aftercare is crucial once you get a tattoo. And one of the best ways is using a skin-safe tattoo soap. Not sure what soap to use for tattoos? Here are 10 skin-friendly soaps for tattoo aftercare.

What Soap To Use For Tattoos? 10 Best Options

#1. Best Overall — Dial Gold Antibacterial Hand Soap


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A go-to tattoo soap commonly recommended by tattoo artists, the Dial Gold Antibacterial hand soap is a classic. It’s a non-drying, gentle cleanser that has antibacterial properties and is considered a holy grail for people with sensitive skin.

#2. Best for Sensitive Skin — Neutrogena Transparent Bar Soap


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Neutrogena Transparent bar soap has no harsh dyes, detergents, or hardners and is highly recommended as a tattoo aftercare staple. This soap’s glycerin content functions as a humectant to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. It is also fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and offers antibacterial benefits.

#3. Best Hypoallergenic Soap — TattooMed Cleansing Gel


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TattooMed Cleansing Gel is specifically designed as the first treatment for fresh tattoos. It is a soothing cleanser that effectively cleans your skin while also moisturizing it. It is gentle on the skin and will not cause your tattoo to get dull.

#4. Best for Moisturizing — Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash


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Rich in colloidal oatmeal, Aveeno’s miracle ingredient, this cleanser is not just safe for babies and people with sensitive skin but also for people with new tattoos. The formulation of Aveeno promotes moisture while soothing and protecting your skin from potential bacteria and irritants.

#5. Best for Dry Skin — H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap


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The H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap is rich in antibacterial properties that help your skin heal while helping prevent or minimize infection. The soap contains Benzalkonium Chloride, which is known for being an effective antibacterial ingredient that reduces inflammation and skin redness.

#6. Best All Natural — Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Unscented Baby Soap


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One of the most natural soaps for tattoos, Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap is all-natural, vegan, and unscented. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and skin that’s raw from the tattoo process. It is also one of the most concentrated soaps, so just a few drops diluted in water is enough to form a rich lather and clean your skin.

#7. Best Deep Cleansing — Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap


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A popular favorite anti-bacterial soap, the Tattoo Goo Deep cleansing soap stays true to its name. It has 0.5% chloroxylenol (PCMX), which is an active ingredient that has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

It also has PCMX and sodium lauryl sarcosinate or Lauricidin, making this soap a powerful cleanser that gets deep into your pores.

#8. Best Dial Bar Soap — Dial White Antibacterial Soap


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This white version of the Dial Antibacterial Soap is a great alternative if you want the same cleaning power and strong antibacterial properties of the Gold version but with a milder, pleasant smell.

The White antibacterial soap has the same original formulation, so you can expect the same benefits. It’s also a great soap for everyday use regardless of whether you have a tattoo.

#9. Safe Bar Soap — Pears Transparent Soap


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This fragrance-free Pears Transparent Soap has a glycerin-based formula, offering impressive hydrating effects. It also protects your skin against irritants and other possible sources of infection.

#10. Best Gentle Soap — Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar


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The Dove Beauty Bar soap is made with a hypoallergenic formula intended for people with sensitive skin. Dove is gentle to the skin’s microbiome and has a moisturizing and nourishing effect, making it perfect to use when your tattoo is healing and your skin might get dry and itchy.


What to Look For in a Tattoo Soap?

Look for soaps with no alcohol content as it can be very harsh and dry out the skin. Instead, opt for a fragrance-free, mild, hypoallergenic soap designed for sensitive skin. Antibacterial soap will also be a good choice as it will reduce the risk of infection.

How to Safely Wash Tattoos

Tattoo aftercare can make a significant difference to the healing process of your ink. After removing the bandage of your tattoo, make sure that you gently wash the ink, dried blood, plasma, and excess ointment using your hand and mild soap.

Dry your tattoo using a paper towel. Let your skin breathe to initiate healing, so re-bandaging it is unnecessary. As your tattoo and the surrounding skin heals, make sure that you diligently wash your ink once in the morning and again before bedtime.

If your tattoo artist has recommended any ointment or petroleum jelly, you can use it after properly cleaning your skin.

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