What Are Acrow Props?

what are acrow props

Acrow Props are metal tools that support and hold up structures such as buildings, walls, ceilings, and floors. For example, decorating companies often use these props to temporarily support a ceiling while working underneath it.

They are perfect for projects where access to both sides of a structure is restricted since they can be quickly and easily moved into place without having to disassemble anything else. To see what we’re referring to, visit Lakeside Hire.

Hard hats, steel-toed boots, and gloves are all important safety equipment, but you might not know that Acrow Props can be a vital tool for keeping you safe. Also, they let you function in conditions that would not be safe or otherwise feasible. A steel prop, for example, can support a side of a building if it needs repair and protect you while you do the work safely.

These are perfect for a variety of tasks. They’re small and lightweight, yet have a high safe working load, so you can easily transport them without using too much time or energy.

How do they work?

The design of steel props allows for individuals to safely support heavy loads without the risk of toppling. To use a prop, put the head of the tubular steel props underneath the structure that will be supported, with the baseplate resting securely on the ground.

Each consists of three main sections: a base, a head, and an adjustable beam. To use one, put the bottom on the ground resting on one end and keep the other extended into the air. The base of the prop holds it up from below, and you can adjust the beams to make them taller or shorter according to how tall you need them to be. The process is pretty straightforward.

In certain circumstances, you might require more than one prop to support your framework adequately. In such instances, it’s best to use staggered props so that your walls and ceilings are well-supported and the bases are all resting on a stable surface.


– How often should Acrow Props be inspected for safety?

It is recommended to inspect Acrow Props regularly, before each use, and after any significant changes in load or environment. In addition, regular professional inspections should be conducted according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

– Can Acrow Props hold up a ceiling permanently?

No, Acrow Props are meant for temporary support only and should not be relied upon as permanent structural support. Consult with a structural engineer if you have concerns about the stability of your ceiling. 

– Can I rent or buy Acrow Props?

Yes, many rental and construction supply companies offer both rental and purchase options for Acrow Props. It is important to make sure you have the correct size and load capacity for your project. 

– Can Acrow Props support scaffolding?

Yes, Acrow Props can be used to support scaffolding as long as the load capacity is sufficient for the weight of the scaffolding and any materials or individuals on it. It is important to follow all safety guidelines and inspect both the props and the scaffolding before use.

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