10 Best Vodka Brands In the World

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When it comes to cocktail-making, few liquors are as popular and versatile as vodka. In fact, it is one of the top-selling spirits in the US, with over 78 million cases sold in 2021 alone. However, vodka didn’t really gain its fame until the mixology craze of the 90s. Yet, nowadays, it’s hard to find an adult that hasn’t at least tried vodka.

But not every vodka is made equal, with products having different flavors, effects, and aromas. That’s why it’s important to know what makes vodka brands unique from one another. So, whether you’re looking to develop your bartending skills or just enjoy a vodka neat after a hard day at work, these are the vodka brands that deserve a place in your home.

10 Best Vodka Brands

What’s so appealing about vodka is that it provides limitless options. It doesn’t matter if you want a cheap, expensive, mild, or strong product; you’ll always be able to find the perfect brand for any occasion.

1. Absolut


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Absolut is very popular due to its iconic apothecary bottle and subtle, wheat aroma. Manufactured using locally-grown wheat in the bustling town of Åhus, Sweden, this liquor is smooth enough to be used in cocktails or drank neat.

Although Absolut offers a variety of flavors, its original, unflavored version is usually present in all liquor cabinets. As a matter of fact, while its taste is pure and crisp, it’s also very complex.

What makes Absolut so beloved by people all over the world is its unique formulation. Simply put, it is one of the few vodkas that contains no added sugar. That, combined with its high-quality ingredients and low price point, positions this brand as the best overall vodka brand out there. Top it up with soda, sip it chilled, or just mix it with a cocktail; you can never go wrong with Absolut Vodka.

2. Beluga


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Beluga is named after the most expensive caviar in the world, so it makes sense that the brand offers premium-grade vodka, too. Produced in western Siberia, Russia, this vodka is made using artesian water.

After distillation, Beluga enriches its vodka with milk thistle, honey, and oat before finally filtering it twice through a silver filter and quartz sand, adding a vanilla-tinted finish. The result is a pure and smooth vodka with notes of white pepper, sage, vanilla, and cream.

Besides the unique taste, Beluga is also famous for its high-quality packaging, which blows all competition out of the water. No matter if you want to give it as a present or enjoy sipping on it yourself; this brand stands tall as a great top-notch choice. And while its price can be a bit steep, it’s definitely worth every single penny.

3. Grey Goose


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As one of the last original, ultra-premium vodkas on the market, Grey Goose has made quite a name for itself. This high-quality brand produces its vodka entirely in France, from the wheat to the glass and packaging used to bottle the spirit.

Speaking of production, the secret behind Grey Goose is its master distiller, as he is the one who came up with a unique manufacturing process.

However, while the details of the process are top-secret, it is known that Grey Goose is made using alpine spring water and French winter wheat. It also goes through distillation five times, which gives the vodka a creamy texture, smoothness, and crisp taste. And let’s not forget about the dash of sweetness, spice, and subtle hints of charcoal and star anise.

All in all, this outstanding brand combines superior ingredients with expertise to create a smooth and delicious product that’s always enjoyable to drink. So make sure to check it out, especially if you have an affinity for creamy vodkas.

4. Svedka


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Despite its surprisingly low price, Svedka is an excellent brand of vodka that can easily compete with any other premium-grade product. The name is a combination of Swedish and vodka and helps differentiate Svedka from the all-too-popular Russian vodka.

This brand manufactures its vodka using local ingredients such as Swedish winter wheat. Similar to Grey Goose, Svedka distills its vodka five times, which creates a distinctively delicious flavor that features a sweet initial note and a peppery aftertaste.

Even though you can drink Svedka neat, it is the most popular amongst cocktail enthusiasts. In fact, thanks to its texture and taste, this vodka mixes perfectly into a wide variety of cocktails.

But if you do want to make the most out of Svedka, remember to use a mildly strong mixer to enjoy the appetizing hints of mint and vanilla this vodka has to offer. And don’t forget to chill it for a few hours before shaking it into your favorite cocktail.

Affordable, delicious, and versatile, Svedka is an all-in-one vodka that doesn’t compromise on quality. While it might not be as popular as Absolut or Beluga, it’s surely worth tasting.

5. Tito’s Handmade Vodka


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Tito’s Vodka is not just gluten-free: it’s also 100% handmade. More specifically, Tito distills its spirit in a pot still, which is incredibly rare due to required extra labor. The liquor is also filtered using activated charcoal, giving it a distinct aftertaste. But that only enhances the overall sweet flavor resulting from the high corn content.

Popular for its crispness, taste, and smooth finish, it’s hard to pass up Tito’s. And thanks to its affordable price, you’re more than likely to encounter this delicious drink at most bars and clubs, so you have plenty of opportunities to give it a chance.

6. Smirnoff


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Smirnoff is an incredibly popular vodka due to its bold flavor, dry finish, and smoothness. Its unmistakable taste has inspired other manufacturers to replicate the formula, which is why some people consider Smirnoff ‘the father of modern vodka’.

Triple distilled and ten times filtered, Smirnoff can be drunk neat or added to almost any cocktail. You can even mix it with lime juice and ginger beer to create the famous Moscow Mule. And since this brand only uses non-GMO corn, you don’t have to worry about the presence of dangerous chemicals.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet reliable brand, Smirnoff is right up your alley. This gluten-free and kosher-certified vodka is perfect for all types of drinkers, particularly those who enjoy hard-hitting spirits.

7. Cîroc


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Cîroc is a distinct brand that doesn’t follow the norms of vodka manufacturing. As a matter of fact, its vodkas are made using grapes instead of potatoes or grains. Yes, you’ve read that right: this brand uses grapes grown in the Gaillac region of France.

It also distills its products five times before bottling and relies on a cold fermentation process to guarantee the best flavors. The result is a refreshing vodka that’s surprisingly smooth and crisp at the same time.

You’ll be able to purchase Cîroc products in a wide range of flavors and infusions, such as the delicious white grape and peach vodkas. However, the unflavored bottle remains the most popular choice as it works great when mixed into cocktails or drunk neat.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a hard time finding a brand as unique and reliable as Cîroc. With the specific distillation process and extreme attention to detail, this company and its products remain a fan favorite to drinkers worldwide.

8. Khortytsa


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When people talk about premium vodkas, they usually mention Absolut and Beluga. Yet, they often forget about Khortytsa, another superb brand that goes beyond and above with its manufacturing. From its one-of-a-kind silver filtration technology to its alder tree and birch charcoal filter systems, this brand puts a lot of effort into its vodkas.

While it’s designed for mixes, Khor features balanced, smooth, and soft notes that make it enjoyable even when sipping neat. So give Khor’s Platinum a try if you want to experience how state-of-the-art filtration and high-quality ingredients can elevate the taste of vodka.

9. Hangar 1


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Hangar 1 is another brand that focuses on details during every part of its distillation process. This company crafts its small-batch vodka in an old aircraft hangar near San Francisco, hence the name. That’s where the brilliant minds behind Hangar 1 came up with various delicious products.

All of their ideas culminate in Hangar 1’s Fog Point vodka. As the brainchild of their head distiller, this spirit is made with the help of fog catchers around the San Francisco Bay Area that turn fog into fresh water. It also features Napa’s Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc-Viognier wine, which gives this vodka a distinctive texture and taste.

Incredibly smooth, slightly sweet, and 100% delicious; Hangar 1’s products are truly special. And thanks to its amazing value for money, you simply can’t afford to miss out on this vodka.

10. Belvedere


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Last but not least, Belvedere, which translates to beautiful to see, is one of the smoothest vodkas on the market. Originating from Poland, this brand manufactures its products at the Polmos Zyrardow distillery using Dankowskie Gold Rye.

The production process involves a four-column still distillation and charcoal filtration and results in an aromatic vodka with a cool, lingering finish and a hint of lemon zest.

This top-shelf vodka is very easy to drink, whether you like it neat or as a cocktail ingredient. Yet, you can enjoy Belvedere in a cold shot glass or pour it directly over ice to experience its black pepper and citrus palate.

With a beautiful package and smooth content, Belvedere is unmissable on this list. Unfortunately, it tends to be quite expensive, especially if you are going for the bigger 700-milliliter bottles. But that shouldn’t stop you from at least giving it a try.

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