26 Songs With Great Bass to Add to Your Party Playlist

songs with great bass

Are you compiling a playlist for your next party? Or maybe you just enjoy songs with a fantastic bass? Whatever the reason, you will surely enjoy this list of 26 songs with great bass this article has prepared. Here you will find tracks from various music genres such as funk, rap, rock, hip hop, and more.

So, if you are all about the bass, turn up your subwoofer and boost the bass to find your new favorites.

Top 26 Songs With Great Bass

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers — Give It Away

Give It Away is a track that proves how a powerful baseline can take over the whole song. Yes, amazing guitar and drum patterns, along with some quality rapping, are equally important. However, Michael “Flea” Balzary made this song everlasting with his liquid slide motif and dexterous fills.

2. Queen & David Bowie — Under Pressure

What would you say if someone asked you, what is John Deacon’s most recognizable bassline ever? Yeah, we know it’s Under Pressure.

3. Herbie Hancock — Chameleon

After going off solo, Herbie Hancock produced many hits. So, when talking about songs with great bass, we can’t skip over his Chameleon. This song starts with a funky bassline that dominates the entire piece. There’s little chance you haven’t heard it before, but watch this video if you want to enjoy it again.

4. Queen — Another One Bites the Dust

John Deacon, Queen’s bassist, played most of the instruments in the song called Another One Bites the Dust. So, it won’t come as a surprise to learn that he also came up with the iconic funky bass riff that makes this track so memorable.

5. Stevie Wonder — Superstition

A Motown legend, Steve Wonder, gave us so many unforgettable hits, so it’s hard to choose just one song. However, the epic bassline in the Superstition was too good not to appear on the list of songs with great bass.

6. Vanilla Ice — Ice, Ice Baby

Remember Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie? That iconic bassline would have probably faded away if it hadn’t been for the Vanilla Ice and their 1990 mega-hit Ice, Ice Baby, who sampled it.

7. Carl Carlton — She’s A Bad Mama Jama

As you probably already know, funk music is one of the best scenes where bassists can show off their stuff. Just listen to She’s A Bad Mama Jama if you don’t believe us. Yes, Carl Carlton is a legend; there’s no point in arguing there. But that bassline is what brought this song to the top of the soul charts.

8. The Who — My Generation

My Generation was brought to us by one of the most famous rock bassists of all time — John Entwistle. This track was actually the first rock song with a bass solo. Listen to how Entwistle’s bassline perfectly fits guitarist Pete Townshend’s rocking — a pure masterpiece.

9. Graham Central Station — Hair

Another big name when it comes to a bass guitar is Larry Graham. Graham played with some of the best funk performers ever, such as Sly and The Family Stone. So, if you can keep up and play along with his badass basslines, you can call yourself a bass player.

Hair is a perfect blend of R&B and funk, with a fantastic bassline and powerful lyrics.

10. Cream — Crossroads

Cream simply took an old blues track by Robert Johnson titled Cross Road Blues, renamed it Crossroads, and made a legendary contribution to the British avant-garde blues. And yes, Eric Clapton is fantastic in it. But Jack Bruce used his melodic awareness to the blues chords and deftness of touch he was famous for to create something historical. The bassline clearly rules this piece.

11. The Commodores — Brick House

Brick House is a track that has more than earned its place on this list of songs with great bass. Try not to move and shake your booty along with this legendary funk song.

12. fIREHOSE — Down with the Bass

Mike Watt is famous for his style that combines rock, funk, and jazz. Moreover, his skill and style were so inspiring that he influenced a couple of generations of alternative musicians. Down with the Bass starts with an almost slap-bass funk feel and moves on to show Watt’s talent for creating awesome riffs.

13. 24kGoldn — Mood

24kGoldn belongs to a new generation of rappers who take inspiration from legends Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Post Malone, and the like. He rapidly became famous through social media platforms such as TikTok, and you can still hear his hit Mood in many TikTok videos.

14. The Fatback Band — Do The Bus Stop

(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop is a funky song with disco tones created by The Fatback Band in 1975. The maestro behind this masterful bassline is Johnny Flippen.

15. Muse — Hysteria

Muse is an alternative rock band that creates a rather unique sound. But, their song, Hysteria (I Want It Now), has one of the best basslines ever. Just pay attention to the iconic riffs throughout this track, and you’ll know why we put it on this list of songs with great bass.

16. The Jam — Town Called Malice

We can only assume what Motown hit inspired the superb bassline in Town Called Malice (You Can’t Hurry Love, perhaps?). In any case, The Jam went straight to the top of the charts with this addictive track.

17. Imagine Dragons — Radioactive

The most popular single by Imagine Dragons, Radioactive, had a place on Billboard’s Hot 100 for many weeks — more so than any other in the history of this chart. Actually, the track is so good that Imagine Dragons has yet to top it. Although Radioactive has many good features, such as strong lyrics and a chill vibe, no one can deny the heavy bass part.

18. Usher — Yeah!

Another track among songs with great bass comes from three amazing artists: Usher, Ludacris, and Lil Jon. Yeah! mixes R&B, crunk, and hip hop elements so well that it has won a Grammy.

19. Jet — Are You Gonna Be My Girl

The rock song Are You Gonna Be My Girl is perfect for any playlist because it features classic rock elements and an upbeat tempo to dance to.

20. Gorillaz — Feel Good Inc

One of the best and the most revolutionary bands of our age is Gorillaz. Feel Good Inc is the gem that made them widely popular, and it still continues to amaze us with the great music and lyrics.

21. Michael Jackson — Billie Jean

How can any list of great songs exist without at least one song by Michael Jackson? Billie Jean is one of his hits that everyone can immediately recognize by its bassline. Also, this track was an inspiration for the iconic Moonwalk.

22. MC Hammer — Can’t Touch This

MC Hammer is a legendary rapper from the 80s and 90s. He was immensely popular due to his unique style, catchy rap music, and dance moves. Is there anyone who can resist doing the running man when Can’t Touch This starts?

23. Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars — Uptown Funk

When glamour, charisma, and talent come together, you get Bruno Mars. Uptown Funk is just one in the line of many hits he continues to bless us with.

24. Paul Simon — Graceland

Graceland is the name of Paul Simon’s single (but also the album’s name) that shows how greatly inspired he was by South African street music and southern American music genres. The thing that makes this song so special that it will always have a place among songs with great bass is its highly intricate bassline.

25. Marcus Miller — Hylife

Hylife by Marcus Miller features bass as a centerpiece, which is pretty rare. In fact, you can’t hear a guitar riff until almost a minute into the song. Miller is considered to be a musical prodigy and a modern jazz sensation. Of course, Hylife’s funky, slapping style only testifies to that.

26. Chic — Good Times

The last one on our list of songs with great bass is Good Times by Chic. This track has a funky bassline that you will find in many songs across different genres and cultural generations. And if you don’t believe us, just play it along with Daft Punk’s Around the World.

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