8 Secrets of SEO Content Optimization for Social Media Platforms

seo content optimization for social media platforms

The presence of a business in social media is an undeniable factor in increasing target audience coverage. However, careless maintenance of the company’s page not only does not help to boost sales but also negatively affects the formation of the company’s image in the eyes of consumers. An abandoned page, on which information is updated extremely rarely, creates the impression of declining business on those who visit it. Revolutionize your social presence in Brisbane and avoid these pitfalls.

By following these simple tips, you can significantly increase your subscriber base and their engagement with news from your company. As a result, the conversion rate will grow after the very first steps aimed at attracting consumers through social media.

1. Pay More Attention to the Visualization of Meanings

It’s no secret that users don’t “read” social media so much as “browse” them. Interest in the text, in most cases, arises when a picture flashed in the news feed could “capture the attention” of the user. Therefore, carefully approach the selection and creation of visual content:

• Use animated pictures and stickers. See more at VistaCreate about how they can be effectively integrated into news posts.

• Create short but engaging videos presenting your products. The likelihood that subscribers will watch long videos is extremely small. Therefore, limit yourself to videos with an approximate duration of 30 seconds.

• If you have not used the services of 3D rendering yet, evaluate its ability to captivate the target audience.

2. Come up with Intriguing Headlines

In addition to visual content, the first thing that catches the eye of the user is the title. It stands out with a large font, color, or boldness and, therefore, attracts attention. If you manage to put in one line of the title the meaning that will captivate subscribers, they are much more likely to read the proposed text.

3. Use Tags for Easy Search

Another way to focus on meanings is to highlight several tags. Try to keep them as capacious as possible but, at the same time, do not overuse them. With a large number of tags, the task of focusing the subscriber’s attention will not be implemented. Each social network sets its own limit on the number of hashtags, which usually varies from 10 to 30. However, marketers advise limiting the selection of hashtags to no more than seven.

4. Create Discussion Posts

Try to engage subscribers in a dialogue with discussion or provocative posts. You also should not overuse this method because, if you encourage subscribers too often to speak out on this or that issue, they will simply begin to ignore the messages.

However, periodically, add a post describing some situation that may cause different opinions and invite subscribers to comment on this. People are very fond of communication. Stimulating it, you increase the involvement of potential consumers.

5. Use Keywords

Having studied its target market, a company can determine the list of those keywords that must be used to write content. These are the words that are most often used to search for the products or services it provides. By including them in the text of the post or hashtags, you can bring closer the audience that is most motivated to perceive such information and can become your lead.

6. Use Your Account Profile Effectively

Regular subscribers and casual visitors should easily find key information about the company’s activities in the profile. They won’t explore all the content presented in the account to find these details. Therefore, check if the company profile has:

• Contact details;
• Website link;
• Short but intriguing biography;
• List of services provided;
• Company’s logo.

7. Find out the Optimal Frequency for Posting Content

It is not so easy to surprise and intrigue subscribers all the time. Therefore, it is not worth sharing messages too frequently so that the audience does not perceive them as background noise. Explore analytics on the effectiveness of content impact on social media users.

Posting frequency should vary depending on which social media you use. For example, on Twitter or Pinterest, it will be normal to make even more than 5 posts per day, and on Facebook or LinkedIn, the same number of posts is acceptable for 1 week.

8. Analyze Applied Strategies

Before you start implementing new content optimization techniques, take benchmarks on a range of indicators such as likes, comments, clicks, and more. Some time after trying these techniques, take measurements again and determine how much these indicators have changed. If the effect is zero, do not waste your time and efforts in vain but test alternative optimization options.

By following these simple tips, you can easily increase your social media presence. With the help of appealing content, you can improve your brand health. The company will become interesting to subscribers not only as a manufacturer of certain products or as a service provider.

It will transform into an influential opinion leader, able to captivate the audience. Loyalty formed in the process of communication in social media is one of the key factors for increasing conversion. Now, you know how you can easily increase it!

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