100 Names That Mean Revenge For People All Around The World

names that mean revenge

Naming your child involves a lot of thought, care, and consideration because your child will be bearing that name forever. Some parents like to deviate from the sweet and common names while others like to base their child’s names on a favorite series, book, or character.

If you’re considering naming your child with a fierce name that means revenge, this list will help you out. Synonymous with a vengeance, some would also associate these names with being a destroyer, a warrior on a mission, or wrath.

100 Names That Mean Revenge

Girl Names


#1. Revanche

Of French origin, it directly translates to revenge.

#2. Bellona

The Roman goddess of war.

#3. Enyo

The Greek goddess of war.

#4. Pele

The Hawaiian warrior goddess of fire and volcanoes.

#5. Kali

Kali is a powerful Hindu warrior goddess of destruction.

#6. Aghanashini

A Hindu goddess who is a destroyer of sins.

#7. Bela

In Hebrew, this name means destruction.

#8. Deidamia

A Greek name that means to destroy.

#9. Aella

A sweet name for a girl that means whirlwind.

#10. Deianira

This name means man-destroyer in Greek.

#11. Lilith

A rather unique and adorable name for a girl that means night monster in Jewish folklore.

#12. Raven

A popular name that means fierce.

#13. Praxidike

In Greek mythology, the goddess of vengeance or judgment is named Praxidike.

#14. Azima

In Arabic, Azima means defender.

#15. Bandit

An unusual but fierce name for a girl that translates to a thief.

#16. Maxima

In Latin, Maxima means the greatest miracle worker.

#17. Alexia

In Greek, this name means man’s protector.

#18. Thora

A name with Scandinavian roots, it means thunder.

#19. Rebel

It refers to a person who is defiant.

#20. Boriša

This is a Vlach (Romanian) name that means fighter.

#21. Rogue

A member of the X-Men, she’s someone unapologetically herself. The name stands for someone who is unpredictable.

#22. Evren

This name means universe in Turkish.

#23. Freya

A Norse goddess associated with love and beauty as well as death and war.

#24. Katana

In Japanese, this means a sword.

#25. Slone

A cool Irish name that means warrior.

#26. Scarlett

Derived from the color red, the name is associated with danger, power, and beauty.

#27. Vada

An unusual and intimidating name, it means a famous ruler.

#28. Zara

Sounds like a name fit for a princess, but it is more fitting for a girl who stands up for herself.

#29. Bellatrix

This name means a female warrior.

#30. Blaze

Of Latin origin, it means fire.

#31. Geraldine

A name of German origin, it stands for a ruler with a spear.

#32. Phoenix

No other symbol can represent rebirth than this Greek name that means dark red.

#33. Diva

Of Latin and Italian origin, it means someone who defies death.

#34. Imelda

The name means resilience and an all-consuming fight.

#35. Guinevere

In Welsh, the name means white wave or white shadow but you can also take inspiration from the fierce wife of King Arthur.

#36. Wilhelmina

A fierce name that means resolute protection.

#37. Claremonde

In French, this name means bright protector.

#38. Forta

An Albanian name that stands for strength.

#39. Hariasa

In Germanic mythology, this name means army goddess or war goddess.

#40. Ingvild

Derived from the Norse god Yngvi, this Norwegian name means battle.

#41. Editha

This is an old French name that stands for older sister or protector.

#42. Kelsey

An Old English name for a fierce island.

#43. Agrona

In Celtic, an Agrona is a battle or slaughter.

#44. Koa

A Hawaiian name for a bold and fearless warrior.

#45. Malou

A Danish name that stands for rebellious.

#46. Lutine

Of French origin, this name means the tormentress who fights.

#47. Elda

An Italian name for battle.

#48. Ritta

This is a Finnish name that means force or fight.

#49. Veerle

It’s Dutch for battle.

#50. Seron

A Hungarian name means fierce brightness.

Boy Names


#51. Aiden

A fierce but gentle name that means fiery and little.

#52. Adofo

An African name meaning warrior.

#53. Gedeon

In Hebrew, this name translates to the destroyer.

#54. Runihura

An Egyptian name for the destroyer.

#55. Hadeon

In the Croatian language, this name also means the destroyer.

#56. Asim

This is the Arabic name for protector.

#57. Abaddon

An Israeli name that means the destroyer.

#58. Donahue

In Gaelic, this name means the dark warrior.

#59. Duncan

This is another form of Donahue and bears the same meaning as a dark warrior.

#60. Harvey

This is the French name for an army warrior.

#61. Donovan

This name means dark warrior in Irish.

#62. Helmer

In German, this name means the warrior’s wrath.

#63. Cináed

It means born of fire in Gaelic.

#64. Timber

In direct reference to the wood, this name means strong.

#65. Agnar

This is the Norwegian name for a warrior.

#66. Aridam

A name of Indian origin, it translates to the destroyer.

#67. Alvey

In Old English, the name Alvey means elf battle.

#68. Blair

In Gaelic, this name is spelled as blár, which translates to the battlefield.

#69. Cadel

This is the Welsh equivalent of battle.

#70. Jahdiel

In the Bible, this means God’s sharpness, unity, and revenge.

#71. Howard

Derived from the Ancient Scandinavian Hávarðr that means high guardian.

#72. Elbrus

This name has Proto-Iranian Harā Bṛzatī origins and it means high guard.

#73. Faris

This name means knight in Arabic.

#74. Ho-jin

In the Korean language, this name means fierce advance.

#75. Jarek

This means fierce and strong in Slavic.

#76. Lorcan

This translates to the fierce little one in Irish.

#77. Clovis

A French name for someone who’s glorious in battle or a famous battle.

#78. Humphrey

An English name that means peaceful warrior.

#79. Igor

In Russian, Igor translates to ancestral warrior.

#80. Gunmar

A name that means warrior in Old Norse.

#81. Edmund

In Old English, Edmund means rich protection.

#82. Kemp

In Middle English, Kemp means the brave warrior.

#83. Mao

This is a place in the Limburg region in Europe and it means protector.

#84. Montford

In Old English, Montford means protector’s ford.

#85. Oliver

Originating from ancient Germanic, Oliver stands for an elf warrior.

#86. Evander

Derived from the Old Norse name Ívarr, it means bow warrior.

#87. Ludwig

This name means battle in German.

#88. Oman

This Hindi name means protector.

#89. Rainer

In Ancient Germanic, Rainer means deciding warrior or army advisor.

#90. Ned

This name means guardian of prosperity in Old English.

#91. Ramon

A Catalan name that stands for protector.

#92. Pan

The name means protector and shepherd in Greek mythology.

#93. Reimma

A Finnish name for a wise protector.

#94. Werner

It means the defending warrior in German.

#95. Inigo

A Spanish name made famous by the movie The Princess Bride, Inigo means fiery.

#96. Seward

It means victorious warrior or guardian in Old English.

#97. Louis

A French name that means a famous battle.

#98. Wymond

The name means protect through battle in Old English.

#99. Murdock

The Anglicized form of Murchadh, this Gaelic name means sea warrior.

#100. Umberto

In Italy, an Umberto is a bright warrior.

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