Moon Water: Channeling Lunar Energy & Making It Work for You

moon water

Astrologers, mystics, and witchcraft practitioners all agree on one thing — the luminescent entities that light up our sky namely our sun, moon, and the stars play a key role in our intuitive processes, our health, and our destinies.

Learning how to align yourself with the moon cycles can awaken magic and potential you didn’t even know. Moon water is one example of how to do this. It harnesses the power of the moon. How? Let’s find out.

What Is Moon Water?


Moon water is basically water that’s been charged with the metaphysical energies emitted by the moon. It’s a moon magic ritual that attempts to harness powers from the moon to achieve certain goals in life. You may want to protect yourself from certain negative energies, or you may want to heal a certain illness you’re facing.

As the name suggests, it’s made by leaving water under the moonlight. It’s traditionally only done during the full moon when lunar energies are most potent. However, some sources indicate that you can technically make moon water during any moon phase.

History Of Moon Water Use


The origins of this practice are believed to be in witchcraft, going back to the 1800s or even before. Lunar energy has often been linked to an array of spiritual and mystic practices such as astrology and can help people connect with their subconscious emotions and feelings.

It’s believed that moonlight alchemically activates the water molecules, giving it strong healing properties. Just like you get vitamin D from the sun, harnessing moonlight can also provide various benefits.

If there’s any truth to the “mind over body” phenomena, a better balance of emotions or state of mind can help heal the physical body too. For the past few decades, the use of moon water in beauty rituals has been growing steadily around the world.

How To Make It


Water is the most efficient solvent for the absorption of lunar energy. Think about how quickly you can heat it to a boil or freeze it compared to all the other substances in the world.

You need to use distilled clean water if you’re planning to drink it. If it’s safe to drink the tap water in your country, that will do; otherwise, you can purchase spring water or bottled water, whatever’s available in your town.

Make sure you prepare the moon water during the full moon, or if you’ve done some research and want to pick a particular moon phase based on your Zodiac sign, you can do that too.


#1. Find a container to store the water in. Ideally, use a glass container as plastic can contaminate the water. If you have a glass lid, even better. If not, use a cloth to cover it. Make sure the container is clean.

#2. Fill your container with clean distilled water.

#3. This is an optional step but you can add water crystals such as amethyst or quartz to the water for higher absorption.

#4. Another optional step is to meditate on the lunar energy with your intention behind using the moon water in mind.

#5. Leave it outside under direct moonlight, and make sure you bring the container back inside before the sun rises. Energy from the sun can counteract the lunar energies the moon water just absorbed.

How To Use Moon Water


Moon water can be used in a number of different ways depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Here are some ways to experiment with the different methods of consumption and see what works for you best.

#1. The most efficient way to absorb all of the energy from moon water is to drink it.

#2. If you perform rituals on some kind of altar, floor, or sacred space, moon water can be used to cleanse it.

#3. You could create art by adding moon water to your acrylic paints.

#4. You could use it to water your garden so that plants can also experience the benefits.

#5. Some people add moon water to alcohol-based fragrances such as room fresheners or perfumes.

#6. You could bathe in it.

If you’re following a particular ritual provided by a Shaman or a crystal healer perhaps, then follow the steps they’ve suggested to a T.

A Few Parting Words

The moon controls the tides and oceans. It has a huge impact on each and everyone’s life. Moon water is safe, simple, and easy to make and use yourself. There have been numerous people all over the world who have reported strong positive experiences with the ritual.

It’s worth trying out, and if you’re already doing it and planning to go deeper, use charts to help you determine the ideal moon phase for your goals.

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