Lynx Point Siamese: All You Need to Know

Lynx Point Siamese

If you’ve been wanting a cat, except maybe a friendlier and more people-oriented version, Lynx Point Siamese cats are exactly that. They’re the soft, people-loving varieties of the feline world.

Their gentle temperaments have also resulted in this breed being in high demand. If you, too, are interested in owning this delightful breed, read on to understand all you need to know about the Lynx Point Siamese cat.

What Is Lynx Point Siamese?

Siamese cat

One of the variations of the Siamese cat, the Lynx Point Siamese cat is a famous and highly sought-after breed of cat. Also known as Tabby Point Siamese cats, their name is derived from the markings they have that are quite similar to those of a wild lynx.

People usually have a clearly defined love-hate relationship with their Siamese cat’s attitude. However, the Lynx Point gives you all the love they have to offer, without the aggressive nature you usually see in Siamese cats.

Lynx Point Siamese cats are also quite low maintenance, making them a good option for new pet owners.

Here are some details you’d want to know about them.

1. Lifespan

The average lifespan of the Lynx Point Siamese is around 15-20 years.

But they could surpass 20 years of life with the right care from their pet parent!

Given that mixed breeds live a longer and healthier life than purebreds, this mixed breed has the natural advantage of great genetic makeup.

2. Color

There aren’t many distinctions in their bodies, but the Lynx Point has various color options with stunning patterns, such as chocolate, blue, seal, red, apricot, cinnamon, and lilac.

They have unique rings of color all over their bodies, beginning at their cheeks and extending up to their tail. As they grow old, their rings darken.

3. Personality

They’re extremely inquisitive, enjoy exploring, and are quite affectionate with their You might also want to think of cat-proofing your house as Lynx Point Siamese cats are quite messy and can create a ruckus if left unattended.

What’s so surprising about them is their people-friendly personality, which isn’t a common trait in cats. But you’ll find lynx point siamese wanting to be included in every activity you do.

4. Size

Lynx Point Siamese cats generally resemble traditional Siamese cats. Slim, sturdy, and with a medium build, they can weigh almost 6-12 pounds.

The males are larger than the females. They’re quite muscular too, so they can be quite athletic when they want to be.

5. Cost

Lynx Point Siamese cats are a little on the expensive side.

If you want to buy a kitten, you’d be shelling out $200-$400. Breeders always recommend that you buy them in pairs as well.

These kittens, if vaccinated and possibly microchipped, could even go for up to $500.

Are They Rare?


Lynx Point Siamese aren’t exactly the rarest breeds amongst the Siamese group. Those with a traditional tabby pattern coat are commonly available.

However, the Tortie Point Siamese cats are quite rare. They have flecked or mottled points all over their body, which resemble that of a tortoiseshell. These are comparatively more expensive.

Origin Of Lynx Point Siamese


This breed, interestingly, was not created on purpose.

In the 1940s, a Seal Point Siamese mated with a Tabby cat, which led to this happy accident. It was not until the 1960s when people realized their amiable personality that demand for this breed picked up.

During this time, the breed was acknowledged as a subset of the Siamese cat by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in London, England.

They’re also referred to as ColorPoint Shorthairs by the Cat Fanciers Association.

Do Lynx Point Siamese Cats Shed?


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This breed’s fur is most coveted amongst the feline community.

Lynx Point Siamese cats have extremely smooth fur, with stunning markings all over their body. Their hair is quite short, so they don’t necessarily shed too much.

If you’re concerned about sneezing fits and would like to own a cat that isn’t a walking choke hazard, this would be a great choice.

However, no cat can be considered 100% hypoallergenic. While you can clean up after their minimal shedding easily, other allergens from their saliva, oils, and urine could still cause severe allergies in humans.

Lynx Point Siamese VS. Regular Siamese


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The Lynx Point Siamese do share certain character traits with the regular Siamese cats.

The difference between these breeds isn’t their physical attributes, but their color patterns. The regular Siamese cats have pointed color patterns that contrast with their extremely pale body.

Lynx Point Siamese, on the other hand, have tabby patterns on their faces and rings traveling up their tails.

A notable difference is found between their personalities as well. The Lynx Point Siamese is a laid-back, friendly version of the Siamese who can get real noisy real fast.

Lynx Points is arguably one of the best Siamese crosses you can own, as you get the beauty of the Siamese cat without its pushy temperamental attitude.

How To Get A Lynx Point Siamese

How To Get A Lynx Point Siamese

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A quick Google search would guide you to reputable breeders from whom you can buy your Lynx Point Siamese cats.

Always be aware of their medical needs, and make sure that the breeder is mindful of them as well.

You could also get them from a rescue; this includes being constantly on the lookout for medical conditions as the breeding may not have been reliable. However, rescue cats will be available at a cheaper cost than what breeders demand, so your only responsibility would be to vaccinate them.

How To Interact with Your Lynx Point Siamese

How To Interact

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The Lynx Point Siamese are extremely people-friendly. They enjoy the attention and give it back just the same.

Make sure you address them softly and kindly and never leave them alone for extended periods. They’re quite affectionate, so earning their trust would be quite the reward.

Be generous with your praises, and don’t forget to engage in positive reinforcement. This helps them attune to their surroundings better and make themselves feel right at home.

Lynx Point Siamese Health and Exercise

Health and Exercise

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Just like any other animal or breed, the lynx point siamese require a healthy amount of exercise and keeping track of their physical health as well.


Given that this is a mixed-breed, their health isn’t at much risk due to genetic problems.

However, Lynx Point Siamese do get affected by diseases that they, unfortunately, inherit from the parent breeds, including:

#1. Respiratory infection.

#2. Vestibular diseases.

#3. Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Make sure to schedule routine visits to the vet so that you stay on top of their health!


Their playful nature almost makes up for all the exercise they need. While they aren’t too buzzed with energy 24*7, they appreciate the outdoors.

Take them to explore trails and parks as they’re naturally inquisitive and function better with information. You could also easily train them to remember and act out commands.

Caring and Grooming Tips


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Here are some suggestions and tips that would come in handy when you’re looking to care for and groom your Lynx Point.


These cats require a healthy diet. A cup of great cat kibble would count as a sufficient meal for a day; divide this into portions and serve it to your cat.

Do get them other feline treats as well; this would especially help if you’re training them using positive reinforcement.

Try and get these cats in pairs, which is also recommended by most breeders and vets as they can keep each other occupied.


#1. Brush their hair gently often to get rid of their extra hair using soft-bristled brushes.

#2. Give them regular baths to ensure their hygiene. If they utterly hate the idea of a bath, you could simply wipe them with wet wipes.

#3. Help them out with their back as well, as some obese cats may not be able to do it right.

They’re quite low maintenance, honestly. All it takes is to pay attention to routine habits and don’t skip out on regular trips to the vet, and you’re good to go.

A Few Parting Words

So, there you have it! Lynx Point Siamese cats make an excellent addition to a family. Their people-pleasing personality would mean that you and your feline best friend would have an amazing time together.

Remember, whatever you give your lynx point, they will match your energy!

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