How To Keep Your Child Busy While You Are At Work? 7 Ways!

Keep Your Child Busy

Are you a mom getting back to work after a long gap? If so, we can relate to your terror and guilt of leaving a kid behind at home. No matter how many people say working after delivery is okay, a mother’s heart doesn’t settle for it. So, we’ve brought you this guide containing the top 7 ways that you can use to make sure that your kid is occupied at home. Read on!

1. Household chores

When you leave for the office, leave a to-do list for the little buddy at home. Want to make it more interesting? Chore tracker apps enter the scene. You could use it to bring discipline to your kid’s life. Let them participate in household chores in exchange for small cash rewards. Money management is yet another skill they can develop from this. Some chores you can assign are making their bed, putting away laundry, helping with dishes, or feeding the fish.

2. Hire a babysitter

Don’t leave your child unaccompanied if your heart doesn’t settle for it. Seek professional services. Hire a babysitter from a reliable agency to look after your little one. Agencies source the best babysitters after putting them through stringent tests and training sessions. A suitable babysitter will be sent to your home before you leave. They’ll come bearing a list of activities and fun games to keep the child entertained.

3. Solving puzzles

Puzzle games make the perfect time-pass activity for your child. It’s the ideal exercise for young minds under development. It ensures a sharp, growing, and healthy brain. There’s a variety of puzzles to choose from, such as jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, maths, sudoku, Rubik’s cube, word games, logic puzzles, etc.

These activities promote reasoning skills and logical and critical thinking in your child. Gift them a puzzle this time so they’ll be busy with a productive activity while you’re at work.

4. Pets

Do you know what the best way to raise a child is? It’s alongside a furry friend at home! Children learn compassion, kindness, and happiness a lot from pets. Teach them how to take care of pets.

Before you leave for work, ask them to take charge of the regular activities of the pet, such as walking, grooming, feeding, etc. Allow your kids to get creative and create toys for the pet to play with. While you’re focusing on work, rest assured, knowing that the little furry friend is at home to keep your child busy.

5. Arrange playdates

The best way to make sure that your child is having is to arrange a playdate for them in advance. Connect with the parents of your child’s friends. They might also be facing similar issues while resuming their career. In this way, you can mutually work out a schedule and arrange playdates for the children when you are free. For instance, if Monday is your day off from work, you could host the play date for your child’s friends and vice-versa.

6. Enroll in summer camps.

One of the best things you could possibly invest in is summer camps for kids. Summer camps are based on STEM programs that make learning science fun for kids. Plus, the extent of exposure they receive becomes instrumental in shaping their future.

Moreover, you need not be anxious about what your child is doing at the camp, as other students and professionals surround him. The workshops are both educational and fun. So, why deprive your child of such a chance? Enroll them in a STEM summer camp this summer!

7. Books and more

Inculcate the habit of reading books right from an early age. Start with providing comic or children story books to the kids. When you step out of the house, it’s great to hand them a book and stir curiosity in their minds. Having colorful pictures and visual representations in the books will keep them glued to them. Make it an early morning ritual for the kids. You’ll see them thrive in the creativity and storytelling aspect.


Following the tips mentioned above will help you overcome the mom’s guilt. Take that leap of faith and get back to work. You’ll see that everything will fall into place once you start chasing your dreams. Furthermore, these activities can also keep your kids away from screen time. What more could you possibly need? All you need to do now is shine!

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