How To Sleep to Grow Taller? Is It Possible? 5 Positions

how to sleep to grow taller

People have all sorts of preferences about how they sleep. There are people that lie on their sides, some on their backs, and some on their stomachs. While sleeping on your stomach is considered the worst option, back and side both have benefits.

One of these benefits is to your spine. If you have been wondering how to sleep to grow taller, certain positions on your back or side can be best. This article goes over 5 back and side positions to grow taller just while sleeping.

Can You Get Taller Through Sleeping Positions?


It may seem fake to hear that you can grow taller through sleeping positions but it is true. Sleeping correctly can fix your posture, which can increase your height. It can also stretch your spine.

While you won’t grow feet taller, you can easily find yourself getting a couple more inches. This is because it doesn’t necessarily make you grow taller. Instead, it helps your spine stretch out and gives you back height you may have compressed by the way you sleep or sit throughout the day.

For individuals seeking additional support for their posture while working on improving their sleep to potentially grow taller, considering options like using back braces can be beneficial. You can buy Donjoy back braces online for extra support.

So if you are just looking for any inch you can get, this is a great option, but if you are looking to grow dramatically taller you may be disappointed.

How to Sleep to Grow Taller: 5 Sleeping Positions


1. Fetal Position

Fetal position is a common way to sleep. It is lying on your side, but with your knees curled up close to your face. You may also put an arm under your pillow or just straight under your head, but this isn’t a necessary part of the position.

This is actually a good position to sleep in because it allows your spine to curve as it would naturally. It can improve your posture in addition to helping your spine, so you will not only grow taller but reduce back pain and increase circulation across the body.

2. Relationship Sleep Posture

Most people like sleeping on their side. While this isn’t necessarily bad, it can put your spine in the wrong position if you don’t do it right. Since people tend to curl up or put their heads forward when they sleep on their side, it can curve the spine.

A quick fix for this is to put a pillow between your knees. It fixes the alignment of your spine, no matter which side you sleep on. It is called the relationship position because it puts you in a similar sleeping form as if you were the big spoon when you are cuddling with someone, especially if you take one of your partner’s legs between your own while sleeping.

It can also align the hips better, so if you have hip problems from lying on your side, this can also make the problem better.

3. Starfish Supination

Not many people like sleeping on their back but it can be a great way to stretch the spine and reduce any weird spinal postures while you sleep. For it to be a starfish position, you just lie face-up and put your arms up over your head. Your legs may also spread out a little.

This is a natural way to stretch the spine, and it can also help your body in other ways by reducing other pains like on your shoulders, back, and neck. Additionally, those that sleep on their back tend to get fewer face wrinkles than those that sleep on their side or stomach as there isn’t anything causing their skin to stretch or scrunch up while sleeping.

4. Soldier Straightening Back Posture

This is also just known as the soldier. You sleep on your back, but instead of your arms being above you like with the starfish, you sleep with your arms down by your side like a soldier marching.

This is a very uncommon sleeping position, but a beneficial one. However, it does have some downsides as it can increase snoring. Additionally, if you have sleep apnea, this position can make it worse.

But it improves your spine, stretching it and your neck out. If you need more help with your spine or want to increase the effects, you can put a small pillow directly under the knees. Elevating your head a little can reduce snoring, or mucus buildup from allergies or a cold.

Additionally, since your head and neck are in a good position, you can reduce wrinkling.

5. Sleeping on Your Side

The last option is another side position. You can sleep on your side. But instead of curling or cuddling, you lie straight. Sleeping on your left side is often considered better, as it offers improvements with digestion and gas buildup, but both sides can help with your lower back pain and sleep apnea.

You can also switch sides as needed, just make sure that you are still lying straight no matter which side you choose.

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