How to Place a Throw Blanket on the Couch: 9 Ways

how to place a throw blanket on the couch

Did you know that there are many different ways to place a throw blanket on a couch? That’s right, depending on your room’s style, and the style, color, and size of your couch, you can fold your blanket up in different ways. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also decide to change your throw blanket’s style to match the weather!

If you want to know how to place a throw blanket on the couch, including when to change it and some different ways to style it, this article has got you covered with 9 different ways.

9 Ways to Place a Throw Blanket on the Couch



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If you want a more casual look, then you usually start with just throwing a folded blanket in half, and then half again, once lengthwise and once widthwise, and then drape it over a part of your couch. This allows it to still look nice and somewhat clean, but less stiff and formal than other folds on this list.

You can also go with a slightly more rumpled version of casual. This works well, particularly with big chunky blankets. It creates a unique sort of organized dishevelment. For this look, fold your blanket in half once in either direction and drape it somewhere on the couch.

1. On the Seat

If you just want a simple setup, you can set the blanket on the cushion. Usually, you do this on one of the outer cushions, though you can put it on any of them if you desire. Fold the blanket in half both long and short ways and simply set it on the cushion.

If you want to tie in your blanket to the rest of the couch, make sure it is touching more than just a cushion. You can have it placed slightly under a pillow, or touched up to the arm of the couch for better flow and movement.

2. Cushion Corner

If you want something that is out of the way while still adding to your couch, consider draping the throw over a cushion of your couch. You can just drape it on one of the outer seat cushions, or you can toss it over the arm or the back of the couch as well, depending on the length of the blanket.

Fold it in half, and drape it for a rumpled yet pleasant look. If you want to hide the blanket as well, you can throw your pillows on top of it.



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Folded is the best option for people that like to have a lot more organization and for everything to be in its place. By folding a blanket into thirds, it will hold its shape much better and looks a lot more purposeful and rigid to fit your style.

1. Folded on the Arm

One of the best tidy looks is to drape it on the arm of the couch. This is best for couches with solid, square armrests on either side. It protects your couch and adds a little pop of color without the blanket getting in the way.

This method also works well when you have a side view of the couch from the entrance of the room. This immediately brings in comfort and color, even if you are only seeing a partial view.

2. Back-of-the-Couch Waterfall

Another option is to drape a tri-folded blanket over the back of the couch. Hang it so it is visible from behind the couch, at least a foot off of the ground.

If the blanket is big enough, or you are draping it short ways over the back of the couch, you can hang some of it on the couch as well. Place a pillow on top of it and fold it carefully over the cushion to create a burst of color, while also minimizing the brightness with a more casual-colored pillow.

This one can help put space between guests, by blocking a middle cushion or just creating a focal point on the couch. Either way, the folded lines make it look purposeful and elegant.

3. Draped Over the Back

If your blanket has fun tassels or decoration at the ends of the blankets, draping over the back of the couch longways may be a good option. This allows you to get the full detail of the decoration without taking it away from the couch itself. In fact, since the decoration is at the back of the couch, it can actually enhance the appearance of your couch from the back.

This is best if your throw has big and bold decorations. It is best used when your couch isn’t backed against a wall, such as if it is facing away from a door entrance.

4. Draped Over the Arm

Similar to draping over the back of the couch, you can drape a blanket over the arm, especially if it is a smaller or more folded blanket. This is another opportunity to show off the decoration and tassels on your blanket but is a better option if your couch is pressed up against a wall, or people tend to see the arm of the couch more than the back of it.



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Finally, you can go for organized chaos that makes your couch look welcoming and your throw usable. You can make it look as if your blanket was just used but in a nice style. It isn’t as easy as just throwing your blanket on the couch. You instead want to put it somewhere on the couch so it looks wrinkled and used.

You can place the blanket on one of the cushions, making sure that it is just hanging off of the ground, or you can place some pillows on it, so it looks welcoming and used, without being too chaotic.

1. Chaise Draping

If your couch has a chaise, it offers the perfect opportunity for a more relaxed style. Fold your blanket in half short ways. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Then, just drape it over the corner of your chaise that faces away from the rest of the couch.

This makes your couch look more welcoming and warm, while also having your throw there in case anyone needs it. A chunky blanket works best here, but all blanket types do fine.

2. Messy Waterfall

If you want to make your home look like it is full of love and lived in comfortably, a messy waterfall over the side of the couch looks nice. Instead of a nice fold that is partially hidden behind pillows, drape the throw over the arm, back, and cushion of the couch.

It should almost look like it was just thrown there. Make sure the throw isn’t dragging along the ground, though being close to the ground is fine.

3. Bunched Up

Another way to bring attention to your couch and blanket while still being comfortable is simply bunching up the blanket on a cushion. Simply group all of the ends together and then place the blanket on a cushion. For more of a flow, press it up against a cushion or pillow, and pull some of the ends over the front of the couch to make it look like it’s flowing.

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