A Guide to Some of the Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

guide to best super bowl prop bets

The NFL playoffs have only just begun but every single team will have one thing on its mind – making it to Super Bowl LVII at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on February 12.

You may have your own favorite football team still in the running. Or you might just be looking forward to one of the biggest sports events in the world. Some of you may be thinking of placing a bet on the outcome of the game. But if you are new to sports betting we think you should check out the Super Bowl prop bets.

Read on to find out all about them and which ones to look out for on the best football betting apps.

Popular Super Bowl Prop Bets

Just in case you are a complete newcomer to sports betting, Super Bowl prop bets are bets and wagers that are to do with anything other than the final score and outcome of the game.

There are literally thousands of Super Bowl prop bets offered by sportsbooks each year. Some of the more popular ones are directly to do with sporting predictions concerning the game. You could bet on who will score the first touchdown of the game. Or who will be the Super Bowl MVP.

There are all kinds of game-related Super Bowl bets to look out for that can be researched so you have a good idea whether they will come through or not. But we like the other kind of Super Bowl prop bet. The ones that are a little out there – and believe us, there are some crazy Super Bowl prop bets available.

Exotic Prop Bets

These are the types of Super Bowl prop bets that anyone can have a go at, no matter how little you know about football. The Super Bowl is a sporting event that transcends football – and that means that there are millions of people watching that don’t usually take an interest in the sport. Why shouldn’t they be able to get in on the betting action like anyone else?

Coin Toss

This simple prop bet is one of the most popular every year. Just come down on one side or the other – heads or tails. This is a 50/50 decision. For your information, tails has the slight edge over the years – although the coin came down heads last time.

You can bet on the coin toss itself, or extend the wager a little. Most sportsbooks will allow you to predict whether the player will correctly call the opening kickoff coin toss – and you could even double it up and bet on a team to win the toss and the game. Unsurprisingly the odds for either option in these prop bets (apart from that last one) are the same.

Gatorade Shower

This is one of our personal favorites. Even if you don’t know much about football and the Super Bowl, you will probably be familiar with the Gatorade shower that the winning players give the coach near the end of the game. Obviously you can bet on this and the wager here is what color it will be.

There are plenty of options – as many as there are colors of Gatorade. But keep in mind that if the game goes down to the wire there probably won’t be any shower at all because neither team will be confident of winning until the end of the game. You can choose ‘none’ for your bet, so keep that in mind if you think it will be a close game.

National Anthem

Another Super Bowl prop bet to get out of the way before the action even starts is connected with the singing of the national anthem. At the time of writing the identity of the singer of The Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl LVII is unknown. But once it is revealed, this betting market will go into overdrive.

The prop bet here is an over/under affair. There will be a given duration and you just have to predict whether the national anthem will be sung for longer (over) or shorter (under). As with all these Super Bowl prop bets, the key thing to remember is that they are just a bit of fun.

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