10 Goofy-Looking Cartoon Characters That Will Make You Laugh

goofy looking cartoon characters

Whether you’re a Disney, Nickelodeon, or Pixar fan, you certainly have a few favorite goofy-looking cartoon characters. Even if they aren’t the main stars, the following ten bring an air of memorable ridiculousness that, later on, lives forever in your heart — and online in the form of hilarious GIFs and memes!

10 Goofy-Looking Cartoon Characters

1. SpongeBob SquarePants


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A bit clueless but very fun-loving and hyperactive — that’s the best description of SpongeBob SquarePants. This character is good-natured and even smarter than he looks but often gets into troublesome situations due to his gullible personality and lack of willpower.

The goofiest part about him, though, is his appearance. Dressed in a shirt, tie, pants, and leather shoes, he’s a sea sponge with wide eyes, prominent front buck teeth, and effeminate lashes.

If he looked any different, he wouldn’t be so appealing to children around the world. His dimples and freckles make him seem more child-like, and his usual happy-go-lucky personality is instantly relatable to both kids and adults!

2. Flash Slothmore


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Zootopia is full of goofy-looking characters, but one of the most beloved ones happens to be Flash Slothmore.

An employee of the Department of Mammal Vehicles, Flash is a sloth that Judy Hopps and Nick seek out to run a plate number. They’re in a bit of a rush, but Flash doesn’t seem to mind that. He slowly goes about his job — just like a regular sloth would!

Of course, the goofy part of this character’s appearance plays well with his demeanor. He’s dressed in a shirt and tie, which gives Flash a human-like look.

But it’s his big smile that wins crowds so easily. When Nick tells him a joke, he’s amazed, but his reaction is so slow that you burst into laughter almost immediately!

3. Minions


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As the real scene-stealers, Minions first appeared in Despicable Me and eventually got their own movie to be proud of. Their funny appearance has made them truly loved among children, perhaps because they remind them so much of themselves.

Small and yellow, Minions usually have one or two eyes hidden behind their goggles and are dressed in overalls. This look is complemented by their personality, which is, as expected, super-goofy and fun-loving.

Nobody can really understand what the Minions are saying all the time, but that only makes them even funnier. With limited self-control, wide-eyed innocence, and eagerness to follow, they are incredibly relatable and certainly some of the most recognizable cartoon characters today!

4. Michael “Mike” Wazowski


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As a clear contrast to his best friend Sulley, Mike Wazowski is a funny-looking character whose career choice doesn’t match his appearance. Round-shaped with just one eye and thin legs, Mike sports a pair of tiny horns too that ought to convince children that he really is a scary monster.

To most kids watching Monsters, Inc., though, he’s incredibly endearing and not something to be afraid of. He even looks funnier in the cartoon sequel Monsters University where they made him smaller and gave him a retainer!

5. The Cheshire Cat


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Acting as Alice’s guide in Wonderland (and sometimes the main troublemaker), the Cheshire Cat’s funny appearance makes it completely mesmerizing to watch.

There are some common cat traits to recognize here, such as the fat body, fluffy tail, and whiskers. But other than that, this cat is nothing like you’ve seen before — and his goofiness radiates from its unique look.

Sporting pink and purple stripes, the Cheshire Cat always grins from ear to ear and talks mysteriously. Much like all the other Wonderland characters, he’s also quite mad and uses his appearance to both frighten and amuse visitors.

Some say that the Cheshire Cat is likely the craziest character in Wonderland. His wide-eyed facial expression and a cruel sense of humor give his goofy appearance a darker undertone as well. Perhaps that’s why everyone seems to be afraid of him, even the Queen of Hearts!

6. Mushu


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When Mushu first appears in Mulan, he’s definitely not what you expect him to be. Dragons are supposed to be huge and able to blow fire across cities within seconds.

Mushu, however, is tiny and more confident than his abilities allow him to be. And yet, he proves to be the best companion around and a wonderful sidekick to the main lead!

Of course, Mushu’s goofy appearance goes well with his voice too. Eddie Murphy gave Mushu more character than any other actor ever could. Whether he’s growling at a statue or trying to wake Mulan up with breakfast, Mushu’s voice makes him even funnier due to Murphy’s accent and over-the-top voice acting!

7. Roz


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Though Roz from Monsters Inc. may not be a looker, she’s certainly a rather memorable character that easily reminds you of real people. She is the epitome of a grumpy secretary or administrator you need to impress to get to her boss or obtain some paperwork.

But nothing you do will charm her, especially not sweet-talking that Mike Wazowski tries on her. She gets stuff done mostly by being true to her grouchy self and never removing her frown!

8. The Mad Hatter


Image source: Pinterest

The Mad Hatter is another totally bonkers cartoon character whose appearance draws attention every time you rewatch Alice in Wonderland. Obsessed with tea and as mad as everyone else in Wonderland, he is funny, engaging, and incredibly all over the place!

The Mad Hatter’s physical appearance is both goofy and endearing at the same time. He has those buck teeth and a bulbous nose that instantly make a character seem rather silly. What’s more, his tongue is always out while talking, giving him a rather funny lisp.

His outfit is also quite memorable since his top hat is almost the same size as his own body. He’s all dressed up for the endless tea parties, sporting a coat and a large bowtie. Yet his hair tells a different story; it is so overgrown that it has a slightly mad scientist vibe!

9. Philoctetes


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Though Phil, the old Satyr that trained Hercules to be a hero, was probably based on a centaur called Chiron, it seems Danny DeVito allowed the production team to parody him while designing the character. The end result doesn’t disappoint, as Phil has a stark contrast between his physical appearance and his mind.

Phil’s grumpy demeanor makes him very funny to watch, and his sarcastic sense of humor makes the cartoon more entertaining overall. However, his physical appearance brings an air of ridiculousness here.

As a half-goat, half-man, you’d expect Phil to be taller or at least more muscular — much like a hero trainer should be. But no, he is short, half-bald with a large red nose, a beard, and two large horns.

His personality makes up for this lack in inches, though. He’s short-tempered, grouchy, and easily annoyed but shows a lot of compassion and love for the people he cares about.

10. Popeye


Image source: Pinterest

Finally, there’s Popeye with his unique and instantly recognizable design that makes you wonder how he could ever beat Bluto with just some spinach. If you look at Popeye carefully, you’ll notice that he’s actually pretty scrawny except for his massive forearms. His face is also on the rougher side since he has a cleft chin, one eye, and almost no hair.

He isn’t handsome by any means, but like Phil, Popeye makes up for that with his rough and tough personality and heart of gold. His simple view of the world and his tendency to always do what’s best for everyone have turned him into one of the most beloved characters ever.

Given his goofy appearance, he is also quite memorable and funny to watch as he tries to peacefully make his way through life while everyone around him tests his patience!

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