Gifts for Dad from His Daughter: 26 Ideas Your Old Man Will Love

gifts for dad from his daughter

Corny as it may be, the old saying is still true — the most important man in any girl’s life is her father. He is her greatest support, and a role model who will shape the quality of her future relationships. As such, the least any daughter can do is say thank you. Though there is no gift great enough to match a daughter’s love, a small present is something he will definitely appreciate.

From store-bought trinkets to heartfelt DIY presents, this list of gifts for dad from his daughter will surely inspire you to show some love.

Store-Bought Gifts for Dad from His Daughter

Though everyone always says that the best gift is handmade, there is nothing wrong with a store-bought present. Especially if your dad is a practical person. In fact, he might even appreciate getting a store-bought item, especially if it’s something he needs.

So, if you don’t have time to handcraft some gifts for dad, here are a couple of store-bought items that can prove your love just as well.

1. Wooden Flight Holder

Flight Holder

Image source: Pinterest

If your dad appreciates quality alcohol, then this is the perfect gift for him. A flight holder can house anything from beer to scotch to wine. Therefore, your dad is free to choose what to add to his favourite gift set.

While a lot of them are metal, there is just something about a wooden flight holder that is much classier. Not only does it look rustic, but most come with a pencil. This will allow your dad to label the drinks he puts into the holder. Overall, it may be one of the simpler gifts for dad from his daughter, but it’s undoubtedly impressive — especially if your dad likes hosting guests on Sundays.

2. Beard Oil


Image source: Pinterest

Any man with a beard knows how important beard care is. If your dad sports some facial hair, then beard oil may be the best gift for him. Each of these oils comes in a variety of different aromatic scents. So whether your dad is a fan of earthy woodland smells or the refreshing scent of seawater, beard oils have something for everyone.

Plus, some brands will even allow you to personalize the bottle. Therefore, you will be able to add a cute little note to let your dad know just how much you love him.

3. Waffle Maker

Waffle Maker

Image source: Pinterest

The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While this saying usually refers to a romantic partner, everyone loves food. Therefore, everyone can be won over by a good meal — especially if that meal is waffles.

If your dad is a big breakfast lover, then he will love this. This is one of the best gifts for dad from his daughter ever, since it’s practical and easy to use. Plus, it gives your dad a nice thick stack of fluffy goodness he will absolutely adore. He will love it so much, you could persuade him to share with the rest of the family!

4. Digital Picture Frame

Picture Frame

Image source: Pinterest

This gift is the best of both worlds. It combines the simplicity and sentimentality of a picture frame with the latest tech. A digital picture frame functions a lot like a mini TV. You can connect to cloud storage and play a slideshow of your best pics. Some can even play videos, so you and your old man can enjoy your favourite memories together.

Overall, it’s one of the most touching gifts for dad from his daughter you can pick.

5. ‘Best Dad In the World’ Mug


Image source: Pinterest

Is this corny? Yes. Is it still cute? Absolutely. As we mentioned, your gift doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to have meaning. This mug is a classic and simple Father’s day treat your dad will appreciate. Especially if he’s someone who’s always ready to crack a dad joke or two.

6. Bluetooth Speaker


Image source: Pinterest

While dads and technology can be a hit or miss, this is one gadget he will love. Bluetooth speakers are all the rage nowadays, for a variety of different reasons. They’re much more convenient than clunky, corded speakers. Plus, they’re very easy to use and perfect for family outings.

Therefore, if your old man is a tech geek, then this is one of those gifts for dad from his daughter you can consider essential.

7. Personalized Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap

Image source: Pinterest

Does your dad love sports? Then you can’t go wrong with a baseball cap as a gift. To make this simple gift better, you can add a personal touch to it. Add the name of his favourite team, alongside a cute encouraging message. It will not only show that you know him, but that you want to bond with him over his interests.

8. Grill Sauce and Spice Set

Spice Set

Image source: Pinterest

Family barbecues are an almost holy tradition for certain families. And in most cases, it’s the dad that’s in charge of the grill. If your dad is one such grill master, then he would like nothing better than a good grill sauce and spice set.

Spices and sauces are the secrets to a good barbecue. They not only add flavour and tenderness to the meat, but they also have plenty of health benefits. Herbs like sage improve brain function and memory, while meat’s favourite lover, rosemary, helps prevent allergies.

Sauces on the other hand get a bad rap for being loaded with fat and sugar. However, quite a few healthy sauces exist on the market. Some barbecue sauces actually have more advantages than you think. They’re loaded with vitamins, like vitamin A, E and C. Plus they also contain minerals that may help fight cancer and reduce blood pressure.

Therefore, if you want to help your dad liven up his summer cookout, get him this gift!

9. Engraved Wallet


Image source: Pinterest

Practical? Check. High end? Check. Thoughtful? Double-check! While you may think this is one of the more basic gifts for dad from his daughter, it’s actually the opposite. Since wallets are a practical, everyday item, your old man will definitely benefit from it. What’s more, you can upgrade it with a personalized engraving to make it more thoughtful.

Just imagine, every time your dad takes out a wallet to pay for something, he will see your message. It will not only remind him of you but also remind him of your love and devotion.

10. High-Quality Razor Set

Razor Set

Image source: Pinterest

This is yet another one of those great gifts for dad from his daughter if your old man has a beard. When it comes to facial hair, having a good razor is a must, especially if you have sensitive skin. A sharp blade can go a long way in preventing infection, nicks, and irritation. Plus, good razors can last for a long time, which is especially relevant since replacing them frequently can get expensive

Therefore, if your dad’s beard needs some nice care, he will certainly appreciate a high-quality razor set.

11. Personalized Board Game

Board Game

Image source: Pinterest

If you had game nights growing up, then you likely have many good father-daughter memories tied to your favourite board games. Therefore, why not show this passion by personalizing them!

Buy your dad’s favourite game, and add a funny saying or in-joke to the deck of cards, or the board. You can also choose a bunch of different shapes and colours for your dice, chips and figurines. Overall, this is one of those gifts for dad from his daughter where you can let your creativity shine!

12. Breakfast Sandwich-Maker


Image source: Pinterest

More breakfast food gifts! Though, to be frank, a sandwich is something you can enjoy for lunch and dinner as well. Therefore, having a sandwich maker on hand is always a good thing. Plus, even if your dad isn’t a kitchen whizz, this is a gift he will definitely love. It’s basic, easy to use, and requires minimal cleanup. All in all, it’s everything you want in a kitchen appliance.

13. Custom Engraved Watch

Engraved Watch

Image source: Pinterest

With smartphones being everywhere a watch may seem like a pointless gift. However, there is something about a good quality watch that just oozes class and elegance. Plus, while a new smartphone model comes out every year, a watch is timeless. Therefore, why not get your old man a quality watch?

Engrave it with a beautiful personalized message, and watch him get emotional every time he checks the time!

14. BBQ Tool Set

Tool Set

Image source: Pinterest

What goes well with a BBQ spice set? A BBQ tool set of course! If your old man is a grilling whizz, he will definitely want a good toolset to show off his craft. These bad boys come equipped with all the essentials like prongs, a spatula, forks, skewers etc. Include a personalized note and you get one of the most wholesome gifts for dad from his daughter!

15. Personalized Pillow


Image source: Pinterest

Naps. Everyone likes them. But no one likes them more than a hardworking dad. So why not make his afternoon naps a bit more comfortable with a personalized pillow! Pillows are one of the most versatile gifts for dad from his daughter. You can order them in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on whether your dad likes firm or soft pillows, you can buy a feather pillow or a latex, or a memory foam pillow.

Not only that, but if you add a personalized pillowcase mix, you’ll also be adding a dose of love to it as well. Print your favourite quote, or a cute saying, so that he can fall asleep knowing he’s loved.

DIY Gifts for Dad from His Daughter

A store-bought gift is great. However, nothing beats a gift from the soul. You can go with something small and simple, or you could take a bit more time and make something more complex. Even if you’re not a particularly crafty person the fact you poured time and effort into this present is something your dad will surely appreciate.

So, if you’re looking for DIY gifts for dad from his daughter, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

1. Personalized Cookie Box

Cookie Box

Image source: Pinterest

Nothing says ‘I love you ‘like some freshly baked cookies. Well, except maybe a personalized box full of freshly baked cookies! If you enjoy baking and want a good gift for your old man, then whip out those cookie ingredients and get to mixing. You can jazz up his favourite cookies by adding some fun decorations or cutting them into various shapes.

If you want to spice things up even further, you can add different flavours to the box for him to try.

2. Wooden Clock


Image source: Pinterest

Is woodworking your thing? Then why not put those skills to good use and make a personalized wooden clock. Admittedly, this gift is a bit more complex and time-consuming. However, it’s one of the most elaborate gifts for dad from his daughter. What’s more, since he knows how much time went into making it, your dad will love it even more!

3. Dad and Daughter Figurines


Image source: Pinterest

Have you ever wondered when that pottery class would come in handy? Wonder no more, because the time has come! All you need is some clay, time and good fashioned elbow grease to make a custom dad and daughter figurine. These figurines can be virtually anything you think represents your relationship.

It can be miniatures of you and your dad, or a wolf and his cub. Alternatively, if your dad is a movie or TV buff you can also make miniatures of fictional dads and daughters.

4. Knitted Sweater


Image source: Pinterest

Knitting is a criminally underrated hobby. It’s not only relaxing, but it also comes in handy during the gift-giving season. To keep your dad snug and stylish this winter, why not give him a cosy sweater? It’s one of those gifts for dad from his daughter that is full of love and care. Not only that but it’s easy to customize.

Add the name of his favourite sports team, best dad joke, or witty message, and watch the smile on his face widen.

5. Wool Blanket


Image source: Pinterest

Keeping up with the knitting trend, this is yet another good winter gift. Wool is a soft, quality, material that makes the warmest bed coverings. Not only that, but it’s incredibly sturdy and long-lasting too. Therefore, it’s the ideal gift your dad can use for many winters to come.

What’s more, it contains a very special ingredient he will surely appreciate —all the hard work and love you poured into getting every fine stitch right.

6. Handmade Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box

Image source: Pinterest

Like the cookie box, this idea is for the bakers out there. Scour the supermarket shelves for some quality cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and powdered milk and get to melting. Once you have your cocoa mixture, add it to a mould. From there you can load it with your dad’s favourite mix-ins, like hazelnuts, caramel, or even peanut butter.

However, if making the chocolate sounds too advanced for you, you can always go with the easier option. Simply melt your dad’s favourite chocolate bar, and spread it on some baking paper. Top it with his favourite mix-ins and let it cool. What you’ll get is a delightful chocolate bark that is not only pretty to look at, but made with love.

7. Wooden Fridge Magnets


Image source: Pinterest

More woodworking ideas! This gift combines two simple concepts all into one —fridge magnets and woodchips. Fridge magnets are an old-school gift you can easily make by hand. Simply repurpose some old wood chips and add a magnet to them.

To make them more special, carve a little image, or a personalized message. That way, your dad will remember you every time he goes to grab a snack from the fridge.

8. Firestarter Kit

Firestarter Kit

Image source: Pinterest

If your dad is an outdoorsman, then a custom firestarter kit is the gift for him. The first step is selecting a waterproof container he can easily stuff in his backpack. You can then load it with all the essentials, like a lighter, or matches, or a magnesium stick. Of course, you’ll need to include some kindling to get the flame going, like a piece of cotton wool, or dry jute.

It’s a nice, yet practical way to show that you value your dad and his interests.

9. Bourbon Bacon Brittle


Image source: Pinterest

Bacon may be one of the most perfect foods ever to exist. But you know what makes bacon even better. A little bit of booze! This fall treat combines the satisfying crunch of bacon with the sweetness of maple syrup. Lastly, that splash of bourbon at the end adds a boozy tang that makes this dish irresistible.

But the best part of this recipe is how incredibly easy it is to make. Simply combine maple syrup, brown sugar, water, butter, baking soda, and brush it over some bacon. If you want to add extra crunch, add some crushed up pecans to the mix as well. Then pop the bacon strips into the oven and presto. You have the perfect treat for your favourite bacon lover!

10. Infused Olive Oils

Olive Oils

Image source: Pinterest

Olive oil adds both health and flavour to food. However, you can still up the flavour game by infusing it with various spices and herbs. Depending on what your dad loves, simmer the oil with some garlic for a nice garlicky aftertaste to his roast meat and veggies. If he loves some heat, infuse the oil with chilli. But if he prefers the classics, you can always add herbs like basil, or sage to the olive oil.

Whichever you choose, his gourmet soul is guaranteed to be happy.

11. Infused Vodkas


Image source: Pinterest

Is there anything better than infused cooking oils? Infused alcohol. If your old man is a fan of the strong stuff, then infuse some store-bought vodka with a bit of pizazz. You can use anything from his favourite fruit to some aromatic herbs and delicious spices. Simply find an air-tight mason jar, add the cut-up fruit and vodka, and seal it up. The longer you let it sit, the stronger the flavour.

What’s more, you can use this trick with any alcohol of your choice. So if your dad isn’t big on vodka, you can always go for a tequila lime mix, rum and pineapple, or an orange whiskey infusion. All these options make for a killer gift for one of the most important men in your life.

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