Buying a Gift for a Male Coworker: 29 Ways to Show You Care

Getting a gift for a male coworker will take plenty of consideration on your part. First of all, you need to find out what your coworker likes and where you can find an appropriate gift that fits the criteria. They are, after all, someone you spend a lot of time with, so you need to make sure the gift reflects your relationship.

If you’re completely stumped on what to buy, you’ll find some amazing suggestions right here!

Is It Appropriate to Buy a Coworker a Gift?


Yes, of course it is! In fact, be it for their birthday or for Christmas, getting your coworker a gift is a great way to establish a relationship with them. After all, it’s not something you’re required to do, so that alone will make the thought even more special.

Obviously, you should get your coworker something based on how close you are to them. For example, if your relationship is strictly professional, and you don’t hang out with them after work, you may want to keep away from gifts that may be too personal (clothing items, jewelry, etc.).

But on the other hand, if you consider your coworker a friend, then you can also go for some gifts your colleague can enjoy using after work (such as gift cards and subscriptions).

All in all, check out these suggestions for some inspiration.

29 Gift Ideas for a Male Coworker

Personalized Gifts

#1. Key Chain

Key Chain

Image source: Pinterest

Although a keychain may not seem like much, it can actually turn out to be an amazing present for your coworker. All you have to do is get creative!

If you consider this coworker your friend, you can personalize the keychain to say something ridiculous that will make him burst out laughing each time he reads it.

#2. Mug


Image source: Pinterest

Everyone knows that coffee is the key to a productive workday. Get your coworker a personalized mug that he can keep at work. Depending on how close you are, you can add a cute message to brighten his day.

#3. Smart Mug Set

Mug Set

Image source: Pinterest

What’s an even better gift than a mug? A smart mug set!

You know that one coworker who keeps pouring coffee into his mug yet forgetting to drink it while it’s hot? Well, this is the best present to get your colleague who hates the taste of cold coffee!

Now, whenever it gets cold, he can easily heat it up from the comfort of his desk.

#4. Wallet


Image source: Pinterest

If your coworker owns a beat-up old one, it’s up to you to find a wallet he’ll be proud to carry around everywhere he goes.

Overall, a personalized wallet is an ideal gift for a coworker you’re close to. After all, every guy needs a sturdy wallet to hold their cash.

#5. Office Nameplate


Image source: Pinterest

When it comes to buying gifts, you don’t always have to go for something that’s practical. For example, if your coworker is ambitious and a hard worker, he will without a doubt appreciate receiving a personalized template.

This will accentuate his job title and make it visible for everyone to see. Essentially, this is a great gift idea for a coworker who recently got promoted.

#6. Business Card Holder

Card Holder

Image source: Pinterest

For most people, business cards are a sign of prestige. If your coworker takes pride in his job and likes to hand out his business cards any chance he gets, he’ll love receiving a gorgeous card holder from his favorite colleague (hopefully, that’s you).

What’s more, you can also engrave the cardholder and choose the type of material it will be made from, as it’s fully customizable.

#7. Pen with Inscription


Image source: Pinterest

If your coworker recently got a promotion or they’re retiring, one of the best gifts to get them is a pen with an inscription. This is something that they can cherish forever, and you can choose what you would like engraved into the pen.

#8. Desk Mat or Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad

Image source: Pinterest

Is your coworker a huge Star Wars fan? Or maybe Harry Potter is more to his liking? Perhaps he’s a loyal Lord of the Rings fan? Think about what he’s into, and get him a personalized desk mat. This will make his office look more approachable, and he’ll really appreciate the thought!

Or, if you’re looking for something smaller, you can opt to get a personalized mouse pad instead. It’s equally great, but it takes up less space.

#9. Lunch Bag

Lunch Bag

Image source: Pinterest

Does your coworker bring his own lunch to work? And does he carry it in a boring brown paper bag? Then it’s time to give him an upgrade!

Any guy that opts to pack his lunch at home should have one of these amazing, functional lunch bags. What’s more, they’re not only practical, but they also look great!

Commuter Gifts

#10. Commuter Backpack


Image source: Pinterest

Is your coworker a commuter? Does he carry his laptop and other essentials to work every day? If so, he will love receiving this durable, theft-proof commuter backpack! Namely, it’s pretty slim, yet you can fit a ton of things inside of it.

It’s an incredibly useful gift for someone who has a long way to travel and usually takes the bus or subway to work.

#11. Touchscreen Gloves


Image source: Pinterest

Yet another useful gift to get your commuter coworker are these touchscreen gloves. When it gets cold, he can finally keep his fingers warm and toasty while he scrolls through TikTok and waits on his train.

What’s so great about this gift is that it’s simple yet incredibly useful, not to mention thoughtful.

Electronic Gifts

#12. Wireless Earbuds


Image source: Pinterest

If your colleague likes listening to music during his break, but you’ve noticed that he doesn’t have any wireless ones, off to the electronics store you go! This is a great gift to use in the workplace. He can just pop them in whenever he likes, and no one will know!

#13. Noise-Canceling Headphones


Image source: Pinterest

If not wireless earbuds, noise-canceling headphones are yet another ideal gift for your colleague. For example, suppose you work in an office with many other coworkers.

In that case, there’s a good chance you’re surrounded by chatter, the sound of several keyboards typing up emails all at once, and copy machines printing endless documents all day.

Without a doubt, your colleague will simply adore you for getting them this gift. Come to think of it; you should consider getting yourself a pair as well!

#14. Mini Standing Desk

Standing Desk

Image source: Pinterest

Standing desks are great for improving posture and back health, but not every company is willing to buy them for their employees. So, if you know that your coworker has some issues with his back, get him this incredibly useful mini standing desk.

It’s easy to adjust, and it has eight different height settings to choose from. That way, your colleague can alternate between standing and sitting while he works.

#15. Charging Station

Charging Station

Image source: Pinterest

Everyone has that one coworker who keeps forgetting to bring their cell phone charger to work. This year, get him a charging station that he can keep on his desk, so he’ll never have to borrow another charger again!

This charging station is made from 100% natural bamboo, so it will look stunning on any surface. More importantly, it can hold up to 8 devices simultaneously! All in all, it will keep his electronics in place and always fully charged.

#16. Foldable Keyboard


Image source: Pinterest

Does your coworker keep complaining about not having enough space on his desk? If so, a foldable keyboard is a perfect gift! This keyboard is portable, and when unfolded, it has a full-size layout.

What’s more, the keys don’t make a lot of noise, and the keyboard works with Android, iOS, and Windows. Once your coworker is finished with work for the day, he can easily fold it and take it home!

#17. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Image source: Pinterest

While this may not be a gift your coworker will use in the workplace, it’s something that he’ll love taking on those camping trips he keeps telling you about! Best of all, this Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, so he doesn’t have to worry about it getting wet. In fact, it can even last up to half an hour in the water!

Wellness Gifts

#18. Massage Gun

Massage Gun

Image source: Pinterest

Does your coworker like to work out during his break? Every gym buff needs a massage gun in their life, so get him one he can use post-workout! His muscles will thank you.

#19. Neck and Back Massager

Back Massager

Image source: Pinterest

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day can leave anyone feeling less-than-limber, especially if they don’t get up every 15 minutes to stretch. If your coworker keeps complaining about pain in his neck or back, they’ve just made finding them the perfect gift a whole lot easier!

This neck and back massager is compact and easy to carry around. That means he can use it whenever and wherever!

#20. Manual Scalp Massager

Scalp Massager

Image source: Pinterest

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to get your coworker something, why not buy him a manual scalp massager? It’s pretty inexpensive, but whoever has tried one of these before knows how amazing it feels!

Ultimately, your coworker can ease his stress, and you won’t break the bank, so it’s a win-win!

#21. Beard Grooming Kit

Grooming Kit

Image source: Pinterest

Does your coworker have a luxurious beard? Have you noticed how well-kept it is? Chances are, he uses a beard-grooming kit to keep every hair in place! This lets you introduce him to some new products that he’s bound to enjoy!

For example, the Dollar Shave Club has some incredibly useful shave-aids that any man would be happy to own, so check them out.

Desk Organizing Gifts

#22. Headphone Stand and Charger


Image source: Pinterest

Don’t you just hate seeing your coworker’s headphones lying around on their desk? It may be time to get him a headphone stand and charger. It won’t cause any clutter on your coworker’s desk, and he can charge his headphones while at work. It’s a win-win!

#23. Pencil Holder

Pencil Holder

Image source: Pinterest

Pens and pencils strewn across your coworker’s desk can definitely be an eyesore. But, it gives you the perfect opportunity to get him a gift you know he needs — a pencil holder.

And instead of opting for a regular pencil holder, get him something that will make his desk look nice and fit in with the overall decor of his office.

#24. Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

Paper Clip

Image source: Pinterest

It’s common knowledge that paper clips tend to fall into the abyss if they’re not properly stored. If your colleague doesn’t have a place to keep his, he’ll certainly appreciate this magnetic paper clip holder. It’s not only useful, but it also looks pretty cool!

Miscellaneous Gifts

#25. Dog or Cat Calendar

Cat Calendar

Image source: Pinterest

It’s the little things that keep a person entertained throughout the workday. Get your coworker a calendar that features pictures of his favorite animals, so he has something cute to look at while he’s at work. Any one of these animal calendars is bound to brighten up his day!

#26. Small Whiteboard


Image source: Pinterest

If your coworker’s desk and computer are constantly filled with sticky notes, perhaps it’s time to get him a whiteboard. Even a small one can help him keep his table organized, and you can even use it to write messages to each other in the morning.

Gift Cards

#27. Starbucks Gift Card


Image source: Pinterest

Any coffee or tea lover will adore receiving a Starbucks gift card from their coworker! This card allows them to either buy their own beans or pick up a coffee/tea on their way to work. And, it’s up to you to decide how much money you’d like to add to the gift card.

Ultimately, this type of gift is great regardless of whether you’re best buds or just coworkers.

#28. Amazon Gift Card


Image source: Pinterest

An Amazon gift card offers an abundance of possibilities when it comes to online shopping. If you know for a fact that your coworker likes to order things online, then this is the perfect gift to get him!

#29. MasterClass Gift Card


Image source: Pinterest

If your coworker is always looking for new hobbies to take up or skills to improve on, a MasterClass gift card will blow him away! From learning how to become a better cook to taking business courses, MasterClass has everything he could possibly dream of!

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