8 Interesting Facts About Harry Potter Series (and Movies)

Facts About Harry Potter Series

The last Harry Potter book came out in 2007, and the movie in 2011. Still, even years later, people’s craze for Harry Potter is only increasing. Sure, there have been other movies and books about the wizarding world. For instance, the Fantastic Beasts series converted into films was well received. But “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” wasn’t well received. It suffices to say that most Potterheads believe that the seventh part was perfect and that creating stories beyond that is bad.

Still, Potterheads love to discuss, analyze, and want to learn more about these movies and series. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will love to read some interesting facts about it. The article below sheds light on the most interesting facts about Harry Potter—the series and the movies.

Facts about the books

Harry no longer speaks parseltongue.

Parseltongue, the ability to speak to snakes, is a quality Harry gets from Voldermort after he tries to kill him pre-series. Harry uses this ability to save his fellow schoolmates in the book’s second part. However, after dying for a few minutes in the seventh part by Voldermort, which killed the Horcrux part in Harry, he lost the ability to speak parseltongue.

The golden trio’s name reflects their traits.

Every name in the series is whimsical, and as per Rowling, every name reflects the traits of their characters. For instance, Harry’s name is taken from “Henry,” its middle-English version, a known name for kings during those times. Ronald, or Ron’s name, comes from the old Norse word ‘Rognvaldr,’ a title reserved for the advisor of kings, which was a trait of Ron.

However, Hermione’s name is from ‘The Winter’s Tale” by Shakespeare and reflects her cleverness. You can relive the world of Harry Potter by enjoying the sets in London at Warner Bros. World.

Rowling took inspiration from Edinburgh, Scotland, for her books.

There are so many buildings and passageways in the book. J.K. Rowling took inspiration from her hometown of Edinburgh in Scotland, known for Gothic cobblestones and architecture. For instance, if you want to see the institution that inspired Hogwarts, check out George Heriot’s school.

When here, you should also check out “The Elephant House, the birthplace of the series, as Rowling started writing the book here. Here, you will also find graffiti in the bathroom by fans.

The spells and Hogwarts logo are in Latin.

Rowling knows her Latin. Thus, most of the spells in the series come from Latin. Even the logo, ‘Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus,” is in Latin. The fun part of the logo is that it means ‘never tickle a sleeping dragon,’ a piece of practical advice instead of something more meaningful.

Facts about the movies

Halloween and other feats in the first movie were real.

Do you remember the Halloween scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone? It had pumpkins, candles, and delicious food. All these food items were real. Unfortunately, no cast member could enjoy these foods as the set’s constant hot lights and candles spoiled them. Similarly, you can light candles depicting the smells and designs from the series in your home. Harry Potter candles also make excellent gifts for Potterheads.

There were animal trainers on the movie set.

The series had many animals, both magical and non-magical. In the movie set, the non-imaginary animals were real. A team of animal experts trained the owls to bring letters for the family. Also, Harry’s white pet, Hedwig, was played by four different owls. Ron’s pet scabbers were played by a dozen rats.

The scenes of characters doing homework were real.

In every movie, you can see the golden trio and other students doing homework. Well, it was real, as they were completing the homework they got from their actual school.

Daniel Radcliff used over 80 wands.

During the filming of the eight movies, Daniel Radcliff, who plays Harry Potter, used over 80 wands. It was because he kept drumming with them that he broke it.

After reading this, you might want to read the books or have a movie marathon. Right? So, let’s not stop you from reliving the wonders of the “boy who lived’ and his two best friends. Hit the comments with other interesting facts you may know of.

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