24 Cool Things to Have in Your Room

cool things to have in your room

If your room is ready for its annual makeover, why not incorporate some fun things into your decor? Don’t know where to start? Here is a list of some incredibly cool things to have in your room!

And don’t worry, all of these suggestions are age and gender-inclusive, so feel free to choose your favorite!

Cool Things to Have in Your Room: Lights

It’s truly amazing how a bit of lighting can change the entire vibe of your room. Here are some great lighting ideas that will turn any room from drab to fab in no time!

#1. Fairy Lights


Image source: Pinterest

Every room could use some additional lighting. If you’re looking for something that’s not too bright, fairy lights are a must, especially if you’re going for a dainty, girly vibe.

If you’re planning on adding them to your bedroom, the best place to hang them is above your bed. You can also place them above your door, or use them to accentuate the pictures on your walls. But regardless of where you place your fairy lights, they’ll without a doubt add a bit of magic to any room.

#2. Curtain Lights

Curtain Lights

Image source: Pinterest

If you like the idea of fairy lights, but you’re looking for something with a bit more variety, then you should consider buying some curtain lights.

The great thing about these lights is that they cover more area than fairy lights, and you have several color modes to choose from.

You can hang your curtain lights on your window, or even better, hang them on the canopy of your bed.

#3. LED Light Strips

Light Strips

Image source: Pinterest

LED light strips have become pretty popular in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. For starters, these lights are incredibly easy to set up thanks to the self-adhesive tape on each strip. All you have to do is attach them to your wall, more specifically on the area just underneath your ceiling, and plug them in.

Within minutes you can turn your entire room blue, green, red, orange, or whatever color you’re in the mood for! They also come with a handy remote control that allows you to change the colors and mode with ease.

Not only that, but you can also purchase LED lights that change color in sync with your music, which is great for parties!

#4. String Lights with a Photo Clip

String Lights

Image source: Pinterest

String lights with a photo clip are a perfect way to showcase your favorite photos. They’re easy to hang up, and you can attach a bunch of pictures to them.

This is especially great if you’re a renter. You won’t damage the walls by drilling holes to hang your pictures, but you’ll also no longer have to stare at your boring bare walls.

#5. 3D Illusion Light

Illusion Light

Image source: Pinterest

Illusion lights look like something straight out of the future. They create an optical 3D illusion from afar, but once you get closer to the lamp, you’ll see that the projection is flat.

Nevertheless, these lamps will make the perfect addition to any room, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! From animals to musical instruments and landmarks, you’re bound to dazzle everyone with one of these lamps!

#6. Levitating Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

Image source: Pinterest

If you love looking at the moon and stars then you’ll love owning your very own levitating moon lamp. This light will look especially stunning in your bedroom, as it will allow you to view the moon from the comfort of your bed.

Cool Things to Have in Your Room: Floral Decor

If you consider yourself a plant-lover, you’re going to love some of these amazing floral decor ideas! You can even make some of these items on your own, which is great if you’re on a budget.

#7. Decorative Plant Holders

Plant Holders

Image source: Pinterest

You can basically find plant holders of all colors and sizes and incorporate them into your decor. What’s more, if you would like to brighten up your room, go for some vibrant yellow colors, and plant some beautiful Orchids.

Essentially, Orchids are incredibly elegant plants that require very little maintenance. What’s more, they come in all sorts of stunning colors and shades so you can easily match them with your other decor.

#8. Macramé Plant Hangers

Plant Hangers

Image source: Pinterest

Macramé plant hangers will without a doubt be a gorgeous addition to your room! They’re especially useful if you have limited space on your window sill.

But what’s even better is that these macramé plant holders are incredibly easy to make. All you need is some cotton cord, brass rings and some rope. Check out this easy tutorial for beginners if you’d like to give it a try.

#9. Floral Wall Decor

Wall Decor

Image source: Pinterest

A floral wall may just be that breath of fresh air your room is missing. What’s great about making your own floral wall decor is that you get to choose the flowers as well as decide on the pattern.

You can choose whether you’d like to use real flowers or fake ones. But keep in mind that fake ones are easier to use.

What’s more, you can tape the flowers directly onto your wall, or create a flower curtain. Regardless of which idea you choose, your wall will look like a work of art.

#10. Fake Vine Wall Decor

Vine Wall Decor

Image source: Pinterest

Fake vines are incredibly fun and easy to decorate with. You can cover entire walls with them, or add a few vines here and there to freshen up your room.

For example, if you’re planning on decorating your bedroom walls with them, then consider adding some string lights to the mix. This will create a truly magical look in your room!

You can also freshen up your living room by adding a few vines to the ceiling lights, and perhaps some on your bookshelves.

#11. Indoor Plant Growing System

Plant Growing System

Image source: Pinterest

The majority of people love owning plants, however, not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. Luckily, contraptions such as the Pico indoor plant growing system can help you take care of your plant babies!

This system basically nurtures your plants and helps them grow thanks to its built-in LED grow lights, and self-watering system.

The Pico also has multiple mounts for you to choose from, so you can move it around and hang it wherever you like.

#12. Miniature Cactus Plants

Cactus Plants

Image source: Pinterest

Combine your love for miniatures and plants by purchasing a tiny cactus plant! Apart from being adorable, they’re also incredibly low maintenance. Ultimately, you will need to water your cactus once a month, and it doesn’t really require a lot of light.

So, if you’re looking for cool things to have in your room, but you don’t have a lot of space available, these tiny plants are perfect for you!

Cool Things to Have in Your Room: Fun Furnishing

Buying new items to furnish your home can be unbelievably exciting! If you’d like to turn your room into a fun space, these ideas will knock your socks off!

#13. Star Wars Furniture

Star Wars Furniture

Image source: Pinterest

Every fan of this franchise likely has a few Star Wars items in their home. Perhaps you have a poster of Chewbacca? Or maybe an R2 D2 mug? But what about some Star Wars-themed furniture?

If you’re truly ready to embrace your dark side, you need to get yourself an Imperial TIE Fighter Wings armchair!

#14. 3D Wall and Ceiling Decor

Ceiling Decor

Image source: Pinterest

If you’re not a fan of paintings, but you’re looking for something to fill in that blank canvas in your room, why not purchase some 3D wall and ceiling decor? There is an astounding variety of different prints to choose from, and you’ll be adding some much-needed depth to your room as well.

For instance, consider adding a beautiful print to the ceiling above your bed. This is a great way to boost your morale in the morning.

#15. Glow in the Dark Wall Mural

Wall Mural

Image source: Pinterest

For those of you looking for ways to make a small room appear larger than it is, a glow-in-the-dark wall mural is just the thing you need.

Each mural typically glows for around eight hours and has unlimited charging cycles. All you have to do is stick it onto your wall, and let the mural do the rest!

#16. Suspended Bed

Suspended Bed

Image source: Pinterest

If you’ve ever seen a suspended bed, then you know exactly how cool it looks!

But you can make it look even cooler by attaching some LED light strips to the bottom of the bed. This will make your entire room look futuristic, and the additional lighting is a big plus.

#17. Bookcase Chair

Bookcase Chair

Image source: Pinterest

Looking for something cool yet incredibly useful? What about a bookcase chair?

This is by far the ultimate reading chair if you consider yourself a bookworm. The chair itself is incredibly comfy, and has a modern-looking design, but what really makes this an item worth buying is the fact that it holds so many books!

#18. Whimsical Bean Bag

Bean Bag

Image source: Pinterest

Who says a bean bag has to be boring? If you’d like to lounge on a whimsical-looking chair, there are plenty of designs to choose from.

From potatoes to Pokemon-themed bean bags, there’s no shortage of weird chairs for you to view!

#19. Smart Side Table

Side Table

Image source: Pinterest

A smart side table is far more than just a nightstand. This handy piece of furniture has a wireless charging pad and Bluetooth speakers, as well as front and back LED lights (the front lights are motion activated).

But that’s not all. The smart side table features a thermoelectric cooling drawer where you can store your drinks. Just think, you’ll never have to get up in the middle of the night for a cold glass of water!

Cool Things to Have in Your Room: Miscellaneous Items

If the previous ideas haven’t piqued your interest, then perhaps this next section will! Here are some miscellaneous cool things to have in your room!

#20. Alarm Clock Rug

Clock Rug

Image source: Pinterest

Not a morning person? That’s perfectly fine on the weekends. Unfortunately, if you’re finding it hard to get up on time for work, an alarm clock rug could be the solution to your problems!

This incredibly useful rug won’t allow you to be late because it will force you to get out of bed! The only way to turn it off is to stand on it for three seconds, which of course, requires you to get up. Not bad for a rug!

#21. Homestar Planetarium Projector

Planetarium Projector

Image source: Pinterest

There’s no better image to fall asleep to than a starry sky. Unfortunately, you can’t exactly take your bed outside. But with the Homestar Planetarium, you can do the next best thing which is to bring the starry sky inside!

This projector is equipped with bright LED lights that can recreate HD images of the stars onto your ceiling.

#22. Overbed Rolling Table

Rolling Table

Image source: Pinterest

Yet another cool yet useful item, an overbed rolling table is the perfect addition to your bedroom, especially if you like to work from your bed.

This handy contraption allows you to turn your bed into your office within seconds. What’s more, it’s also great for those rainy days when all you want to do is snuggle up to your significant other, watch Netflix and eat popcorn.

#23. Draw and Erase Wall Robot

Wall Robot

Image source: Pinterest

Did you know that you can turn your wall into a canvas without ruining it? The Draw and Erase wall robot uses special markers to draw anything you like on your wall!

And once you’re bored of it, the robot will erase the sketch within minutes, and make a new one! The robot has two wheels and can climb most vertical surfaces with ease.

Ultimately, this could very well be the coolest item on the list!

#24. Game of Thrones Docking Station

Docking Station

Image source: Pinterest

A docking station is a handy item to add to any room, but it will be especially useful in your bedroom. You can place it on your nightstand, and you’ll never have trouble finding your essentials in the morning.

Overall, a docking station is a must-have, but a Game of Thrones-themed docking station is the ultimate cool item to have in your room!

Final Thoughts

From lights and décor ideas to furniture and miscellaneous items, this list of cool things to have in your room is full of ideas that cater to everyone’s taste. So, did you find that special something you were looking for?

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