6 Ways to Choose the Right Wine Decanter for Your Wine Type and Occasion

Choose the Right Wine Decanter

Decanting involves pouring wine from the bottle into a decanter, where it is given extra oxygen exposure. The purpose of a wine decanter is to offer an airtight container for the storage and serving of wine. 

Wines benefit significantly from being given time to “breathe” before serving. Because of this, picking a wine decanter involves balancing aesthetics and practicality. However, choosing the perfect wine glasses can be tricky, so read on to learn how to narrow your options and settle on the perfect set.

How to Choose the Perfect Wine Decanter for Your Wine?

An excellent wine decanter will be crafted from top-notch, lead-free glass. It must be tall and thin at the top and wide at the bottom so the wine can breathe. The neck should be long and narrow to avoid waste during pouring. Once the wine has been poured, the decanter should be sealed to preserve its quality. Keep reading for an in-depth discussion of what makes an excellent wine decanter. 

1. Decanter’s Oxygen Exposure

As a beginner, you might not have taken decanters earnestly. The taste of wine enhances tremendously due to the oxygen exposure as it eases the tannins, making the fruity and flowery aromas more pronounced.  

2. Sizes

There is a wide variety of decanters to choose from. However, the decanter’s base and the wine you intend to drink are two factors that should heavily influence your final decision. These are the standard sizes for wine decanters:

Small Decanter Glasses

They work wonderfully as decanters for one or two drinks. These decanters are ideal for red wines with little bodies. Both rosé and white wines benefit from their use. Get the most out of your wine by serving it in a cooled decanter.

Decanters of a Moderate Size

This is the normal size for decanting up to one standard bottle of wine. Decanters of medium size are ideal for medium-bodied red wines. One normal bottle of wine can be decanted in a medium-sized decanter.

Large Wine Decanter

These decanters are ideal if you have more than one bottle that needs to be decanted. Remember that if the decanter is too full of liquid, the wine might be unable to breathe. Large decanters facilitate the aeration of young, full-bodied wines.

3. Designs and Shapes

Wine decanters are commonly recognized by their angled spout, long neck, and broad base. After filling the base, the wine will benefit from equal aeration thanks to the wide surface area available for oxygen absorption. 

Keep in mind that your decanter’s shape will affect its visual appeal. Given the amount of oxygen in your wine, it stands to reason that only so much air can get through the hole. A wine’s decanting duration decreases proportionately to the surface area exposed to air during the process. 

Standard, U-shaped, bell-shaped, and other variants are available. The amount of surface area your wine requires will determine which you select. After decanting, the wine’s pourability is another important consideration. Choose a wine decanter with an easy-to-hold handle to avoid drips and pour confidently. 

4. What the Wine Decanter is Made Of

Crystal glass is designated for the most expensive wine decanters. Wine stored in plastic, recyclable glass, or stainless steel has a distinct flavor. Compared to standard wine decanters made of glass, crystal ones stand out.

These top-notch decanters will last a long time. Larger, more elaborate decanter designs are possible with this glass. Small levels of lead may be present in some crystal wine decanters, but this poses no threat as long as the wine is not left to sit in the decanter for an extended period.

5. Decanter Made of Standard Glass

These decanters are built to last with sturdy walls and a timeless design. Ensure your decanter is made of borosilicate glass if you want it to last. Borosilicate glass, unlike other glassware, can withstand temperature changes without breaking. The typical glass wine decanter can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. 

6. Stoppered Wine Decanter

When wine is left out in the open for too long, it becomes oxidized. If you know you won’t drink an entire bottle of wine at once, invest in a decanter fitted with a cork or stopper.

To Your New Wine Decanter, Cheers!

Undoubtedly, using a wine decanter will improve your wine-tasting experience by exposing you to all of the wine’s qualities. Modern decanters include accessories, including stoppers, aerators, and cleaning tools to facilitate storage, use, and cleaning. Consider how often and for how long you intend to use each decanter to determine which is best for your wine collection.






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