CBD Pills for Weight Loss?

CBD Pills for Weight Loss

With the continued marijuana legalization, people have supposed on all of the things CBD does. There is a new claim on what CBD pills can do every other day. Buying yours only requires a quick CBD pills near me search online, and you will hit the jackpot. Among the idealized properties is the assumption that the pills can help regulate appetite and weight loss. 

When people think of weed, use they mostly think of food cravings. In consideration of that fact, how could CBD help in the regulation of appetite? Is the absence of THC in the capsules lead to any effect on the appetite?

CBD Pills and Your Health 

There are several things that CBD capsules can do. Since they have a high concentration, they deliver it into your body more effectively. Once inside the body, it reacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors alongside others. The effect of taking the pills comes from the reaction with the receptors and other parts of the brain and Peripheral Nervous System. 

According to a 2020 study, most Americans report that their main reasons for using the infused products are due to health issues. Research studies support the claim that the products are helpful with the treatment of anxiety, pain, stress, depression, and certain illnesses. The approval of medications such as Epilodex and Savitex in the USA and Canada shows how open the medical community is to integrate CBD into their prescriptions. 

On a more general note, taking CBD helps to keep you healthy. The benefits of CBD capsules start with a relaxed body and move to other functions, such as anti-inflammation. On top of that, regularly taking cannabidiol also helps with preventing and maintaining diabetes. Though some studies show that it does not improve the condition of Type 2 diabetic patients, others show that it helps reduce their pain and inflammation. 

Heightened levels of stress also impede a person’s general health. CBD oil capsules anxiety is an excellent way to get ahead of the situation. In a particular trial involving individuals about to make a speech, the administration of CBD reduced their anxiety. The cannabidiol ones were more relaxed during the presentation than those who got the placebo. 

Common Uses of CBD Pills

We can deduce some common uses from how the pills help with health issues. The benefits align with the individual properties of the cannabinoid. As mentioned, some of its prevalent properties are anti-inflammatory and soothing on the nerves. 

According to CBD capsules reviews, people use CBD by the bucket loads. The increased use is understandable seeing that buying them is as easy as typing CBD pills and awaiting delivery. The following are the standard ways people use these pills. 

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

In the study mentioned above, a total of 57 men got tested for anxiety in a simulated presentation. A number of the men got the placebo, while the others got different concentrations of the cannabinoid. The results posted in the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry showed that the infused oil was effective at specific concentrations.

The individuals who got the placebo and low-potency oil did not record a change in their anxiety levels. Those that took the medium dosage of 300mg showed signs of relaxation and calmness. CBD helps with anxiety and stress by imposing its calming effect on the body. Its reaction with serotonin and dopamine receptors influences the mood of the user. 

Help with Epileptic Seizures

Epilepsy was one of the first conditions treated using this specific cannabinoid. The medication, Epidiolex, helps in the management of seizures in children. Side effects CBD capsules when it comes to Epidiolex include fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, and the like. The pills get prescribed by a doctor, which means the side effects are manageable. When using CBD for epilepsy, it is always better to do it under the instruction of a trusted health professional. 

Pain Management

Besides epilepsy and anxiety, CBD capsules’ effects are evident in how it manages pain. For individuals suffering from chronic pains, high levels of cannabidiol work. Researchers in the United States claim capsules are primarily influential with non-cancer pain. Studies involving people with Parkinson’s, MS, and other sources of chronic pain show that this is true. Sativex, which got authorization in Canada in 2005, is applicable in treating pain. 

Protect from Neurological Issues

With this use, it is helpful to remember that cannabidiol contains both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Following scientific deductions, the two can help manage the brain to prevent people from suffering certain illnesses. Studies show that it improves the conditions of people with neurological problems such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, and Huntington’s.

How it works with Alzheimer’s is that it reignites specific receptors and neurotransmitters that got ruined by the degradation of the brain due to the disease. The reignition leads to temporary relief. There is still ongoing research hoping to make the effects more permanent. 

Treat Certain Addictions

In matters of addiction, recovery from certain drugs can be fatal. The likes of opioid addictions lead to adverse side effects that are harmful to individuals. To answer the question: are CBD capsules less effective, researchers took to using the pills on recovering addicts. The results showed that the capsules reduced pain levels, led to more hydration, and minimized other negative symptoms. In general, using the infused pills led to a less strenuous and fatal recovery from their addictions. 

Do CBD Pills Regulate or Increase Appetite?

We must examine the issue to answer the question of CBD pills and appetite. There are more studies on how marijuana impacts appetite than the individual cannabinoid. Regardless of the same, researchers have been conducting studies on the effect of CBD on appetite. Sadly, the majority of these studies involve animals and not human beings. Finding one or two human trials is possible, but they are insignificant. 

The animal studies have to an effect been consistent in their results. CBD does not directly lead to weight loss or the regulation of appetites. The specific impact on the body may lead to a reduction in weight in the long run, but they are not direct. 

From the animal and test tube studies, researchers posit that cannabidiol affects appetite and weight loss in two significant ways. The first is an increase in metabolism and a reduction of food intake in specific individuals. The use of cannabis is often gets associated with increased metabolism. The same applies to CBD use. The compound reacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the lymphoid tissue, which are essential in metabolism. 

The second way in which CBD may influence weight loss is through the browning of white fat. In the body, there are white and brown fats. The white ones are unhealthy and increase the risk of individuals developing diabetes. The brown cells are healthier. In two separate studies, the results led to the browning of the white fats in the test subjects. 

The first study involved injecting rats with a high dose of CBD oil. The rats had a reduction in appetite, and their white fat turned brown after a few hours. The other study was a test tube where white fat and CBD were mixed and turned brown in a few hours. 

Not only is this browning effect helpful in the maintenance of general health, but it is also helpful in managing diabetes. The conclusion is that though CBD oils will not lead to an increased reduction in appetite, they may lead to reduced food intake and increased metabolism. 

Pros and Cons of Using CBD Pills

Lastly, let’s examine some of the pros and cons of using these CBD pills. These are the top ones we could find.


• Easy to consume
• Convenient to carry around
• Precise dosage
• It does not lead to a bad taste


• It takes hours to be effective
• Lower bioavailability


With each new day, there is a new claim on what CBD does for the body. The health buzz is mainly due to how effective the cannabinoid is in certain conditions. The jury is still unsure whether it increases and reduces weight loss and appetite. The only thing medical circles can agree on is that cannabidiol does lead to high metabolism and a reduction of food intake. Ongoing research hopes to move from animal trials to humans to understand the interaction between CBD pills and weight loss fully. 

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