Bored With Gaming? Try These Five Suggestions

bored with gaming

Finding a new video game has never been easier. Today, gamers have access to thousands of quality titles across dozens of platforms. However, the proliferation of gaming has also made it deceptively hard to find quality, affordable, and playable titles. The sheer number of choices can make any gamer pause.

In particular, the volume of titles available on the market makes it hard to sample new games and genres. Should you try to explore new indie releases to see what sort of ideas are pushing new boundaries? Or is it better to stick with a hugely popular title in the hopes of joining a new gaming community?

If you’re feeling a little bored with your current games, then consider our suggestions. Below, we’ve listed out unique titles, hardware, and gaming concepts that might suit your interests. They’re designed for gamers of all interests and skill levels.

Online Slots

Digital slots are the world’s most popular casino game—and for a good reason. Slots let players dive into a short and simple setup that involves spinning a reel in the hopes of hitting a winning combination. Players have access to dozens of themes, from fantasy games to Hollywood hits to sports titles.

If you’re interested in exploring slots, keep a lookout for RTP. For those unfamiliar with RTP meaning, it stands for return to player and is expressed in a percentage. This percentage shows how much a player can expect to win playing that particular title. Always keep a lookout for RTPs higher than 95 percent.

Fitness-Based Titles

Slots offer an exciting new gaming experience. But sometimes, gamers want to feel like they’re making progress in real-life after a session. If healthy living is a goal of yours, then dive into a fitness title. These bridge the exhilaration of gaming with the tenets of fitness, like Wii Sports did back in the mid-2000s.

Today, you can find a fitness app that suits just about every interest. For example, Zumba Burn It Up! lets users dance their way into a workout. Others, like Ring Fit Adventure, take a more streamlined approach to fitness by letting players journey through colorful worlds.

AR Games

To round off our game suggestions, we have just one more tip: explore the world of AR. When Pokémon GO was released, it put AR technology on the map. For the first time, gamers could walk through the real world and interact with digital graphics. Today, there are dozens of options to choose from.

Some of the most popular include Jurassic World Alive, which closely follows the Pokémon GO premise—except with realistic dinosaurs. Other titles, such as Zombies, Run! include elements of workout apps, inspiring players to run from virtual zombies to advance to the next level and meet their fitness goals.

bored with gaming

The Handheld Experience

Sometimes, gamers don’t need to find a new title to dive into. Instead, they might be on the lookout for a new way to game. So, if your console or PC doesn’t offer the same excitement as it used to, then consider purchasing a handheld console.

The two best options on the market are the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck. The former was released in 2017 and helped steer a new era in gaming hardware. In addition to functioning as a handheld device, the Nintendo Switch also includes a port that lets players connect it to a screen for a more traditional experience.

The latter was released in 2022 and has since become a new standard in adult handhelds. Like the Switch, it includes a docking station that allows players to use a screen or monitor to play. It also lets players install Linux apps from third-party groups.

Regional eSports

Our final suggestion to renew your love of gaming is to explore the world of accessible eSports. Competitive eSports are largely out-of-bounds for casual gamers—no matter how many hours of LoL gaming they’ve logged. However, keep in mind that many regional competitions are much smaller and are designed for regular hobbyist gamers to join.

Best of all, there are even apps that help you find and register for competitions. For example, Arenum and Duelit are both designed to host mini-competitions that are more accessible for remote gamers.

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