6 Best Bike Gears and Accessories In 2023

bike gears and accessories

Wanting to use your bike for things or commuting to work needs certain extras to make such trips more comfortable and enjoyable. Fortunately, most bicycles are highly and readily customizable. 

There is a mountain’s worth of gear to select from. It would be best to buy from legitimate bike shops like BikeChain to ensure quality gear and accessories. Having the right gear can make cycling easier and more enjoyable. Below are the top six best bike gear and accessories worth adding to your bike.

1. Bike Locks

Bike locks should be as important as other bike accessories and gear. If you are a city-type biker, you should know that stealing bikes is common in the city. Save your bike from that situation with bike locks, especially quality ones. Not only can you protect your bike from theft in the city, but these accessories can be helpful during adventure rides. 

2. Helmets

Even before, helmets were considered the best gear you should have as a biker. All the bicycle helmets available in the market are adequate. Still, if you are blasting down a steep trail on your bike, you may require more protection than biking cross country on your favorite gravel bike. 

Different helmet types can feature various perks and purposes that may be more suitable for you. Some consider proper airflow, ventilation, and comfort. But some value security and coverage more than everything. Although eventually, it still depends on your preferences and riding style to find the best helmet for you.

3. Bike Grips

This accessory may not sound as important as it seems, but it provides crucial benefits. It has been known that poor wrist posture may lead to the so-called carpal tunnel syndrome or commonly known as cyclist’s palsy. This condition is when a biker puts too much pressure on their median and ulnar nerves, causing them to feel soreness after long rides. 

Avoid that soreness with bike grips. Remember to have quality ones to ensure their durability and comfort.

4. Bike Lights

Bike lights are especially necessary during dark rides when you want to see what’s in front of you on the road. At the same time, you also want others to see you at night. With that, prevent yourself from being hit by distracted drivers and defective vehicles. Even more, these are essential if you are a biker searching for additional safety during long bike rides. 

5. Bike Cargo Racks

Cargo racks are metal racks you can attach to the bike that can assist you in carrying various items like groceries, supplies, and such. With a bike rack, you can easily transport things you need whenever you need them. 

You can also reduce back pain while biking. Back pain is a common issue a biker, specifically an adventure-type biker, usually experiences from having an extra load in their back bags. But with this, no more back pain to worry about.

6. Bike Multi-tool

This gear is simply a reliable partner for on-the-go repairs. Mechanical issues or adjustments are inevitable depending on what kind of ground you land on or how far your ride is. Having a quality multi-tool can benefit you in many ways.

A bike multi-tool model may vary in ergonomics, portability, features, durability, and ease of use. But generally, a simple multi-tool features a spoke wrench, flat head, and seven hex wrenches. Regardless, a multi-tool is the savior during rides from repairs.

Gear Your Bike Up With These Accessories!

To sum it up, bike gears are one of the most amazing developments in cycling history. Gears enable bikers like you to bike more easily uphill, establish a perfect pace regardless of elevation, and sprint as quickly as possible. 

Bike gears make cycling more accessible and pleasurable and also allow for some personalization. With the best bike gear and accessories mentioned above, you can improve your long rides and have a comfortable cycling journey.







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