The Best Shooters You Can Play In Co-Op

Best Shooters In Co Op

The gaming industry is multifaceted and is ready to offer players many variations of gameplay to suit every taste.

Some gamers play in a group and love shooters, but they don’t want to play meaningless shooting games, but full-fledged cooperative games with a plot and the opportunity to realize their teamwork, in order to feel at least a little of the emotions from the actions of professional military personnel who communicate with each other and solve complex problems.

Escape from Tarkov

This is a project with a bias towards realism, where players must choose their side of the conflict and develop their special forces operatives, act as a group to go into dangerous neutral zones and confront enemy groups and bandits.

Players will take part in the conflict between the United States and Russia on the territory of Tarkov, but in order not to transfer the confrontation into the framework of the third world war, both sides use their special forces in the form of private military companies.

If you play with three players, then it will be much easier for you to get equipment and accumulate eft roubles – the main currency for transactions with local NPCs, redemptions of valuable equipment and payment of insurance to preserve valuable property even in the event of death.

In fact, your choice of side in the conflict does not play a special role, other than being visually and morally pleasing.

The differences will relate to equipment, visual appearance and use of weapons and methods, or rather the language of communication between the characters themselves.

You will make combat sorties, because your starting equipment leaves much to be desired, and combat missions need to be implemented in order to develop, interact with NPCs and receive more Tarkov roubles.

The currency will be useful to you, and you can get it not only by selling loot, but also by completing orders from various NPCs, thereby receiving a higher level of loyalty and earning money for your needs.

You can also spend Escape from Tarkov roubles to buy back equipment from NPCs that fall to them after the death of operatives. This is not always good or bad equipment, but sometimes it can lead to problems and for this you always need to keep a reserve of money, as well as to pay for insurance.

Insurance allows you to keep those types of weapons and equipment that you do not want to lose even in the event of death.

For example, you found yourself an assault rifle, installed a sight for a closer view of enemies, an additional magazine with cartridges and a stabilizer with a flash suppressor for targeted and quiet shooting, and in order not to lose such a valuable weapon, it is better to insure it – just in case.

No matter how well your comrades cover you, no one has canceled random grenades.

When you are about to go on a combat mission, study the map in advance, because you will not have the opportunity to peep into the interface, and you will need to stop and open a physical copy, which is inconvenient and dangerous.

You need to go into the dangerous zone, find and grab all the valuable equipment and medicine that you can carry and go to the safe zone.

You may meet representatives of an enemy PMC, or you may not meet anyone, and the same goes for bandits. You don’t have to engage them in battle if you don’t want to, but PMCs may have valuable trophies with them.

It’s better not to touch the bandits – their terrible equipment will not be useful to you, and there is still a risk of death or injury, including at the hands of PMCs who may come in response to the noise.

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

Although this is not the newest project, it has a powerful and interesting cooperative system, in which the player and three of his comrades can go through a large company in the ranks of the US Army Special Forces in confrontation with Chinese troops.

All company missions will differ from each other and require flexibility of action and good communication between comrades.

You will have tasks to storm advantageous positions and villages. Major offensives in the ranks of a large number of troops in order to seize the initiative and control military airfields.

There will also be quiet missions, which you can, of course, take by storm, but the chances of success will be minimal, and the risk is huge.

It is better to use stealth and think through your actions, as they would be carried out by real special forces.


This is an old project from Activision, which will make you part of the police special forces, all of whose tasks can be completed in a group of up to 5 players.

The project is truly unique, because the same task generates the location and weapons of criminals and civilians randomly, which means you will never have a common pattern of actions and will always need to act according to the situation and carefully.

The format in which your main task is not to destroy terrorists and free hostages, but to save lives, will also add to the unique atmosphere.

You will storm and break doors, inspect rooms using detection equipment.

Often the situation will not develop as you might expect. For example, you enter the building, a criminal sees you and starts running to warn the others, and then you need to urgently block him, or eliminate him and under no circumstances allow him to execute the hostages.

Each operative at the beginning of the game will choose a full set of his equipment, which he will use.

Ideally, combine equipment so that it has a lethal and non-lethal format of weapons in order to influence everyone in order to deprive them of the ability to resist and eliminate them only in case of a real risk to the lives of police officers or hostages.

There will be difficult tasks, including those with increasing difficulty as you go.

For example, terrorists seized a jewelry exhibition and agreed to release some of the hostages in exchange for body armor.

On the one hand, people were saved, but on the other hand, this greatly complicates your assault, which is inevitable in such a situation.

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