Let the Worry Melt Away: 8 Best Crystals for Anxiety

best crystals for anxiety

Nowadays, we live in a highly stressed world. As such, anxiety is becoming a major factor in everyday life. Stress and worries can affect your health and the overall quality of your life, no matter your occupation, gender, or age.

So, if you’re looking for natural ways to relax and recharge your energy, you have come to the right place! In this article, you can find out more about the best crystals for anxiety and how they work.

Can Crystals Help with Anxiety?


Many people believe that stones and crystals can improve your spiritual and physical healing. According to this belief, stress and anxiety are the results of energy imbalances in your body. Crystals are here to fix them, and they do so by actively interacting with your specific body’s energy field, otherwise known as chakras.

You can put crystals on your nightstand, hold them in your hands while meditating, or simply decorate your living space with them. As a result, they will release positive energy into your body and the environment around you. Finally, this creates feelings of peace and relaxation while decreasing levels of stress and anxiety.

Below is the list of the eight best crystals for anxiety that can help you get rid of these negative feelings.

8 Best Crystals for Anxiety

1. Amethyst


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Amethyst comes in varieties of violet and purple shades. Its spiritual meaning is tranquility, balance, and peace. From ancient times until this day, the amethyst has represented one of the most precious crystals. It is known for helping you keep a clear head, and it works best if you keep it near you at all times. That way, it can help you reduce anxiety by getting rid of the negative energy around you and bringing you a sense of tranquility.

Using amethysts can also improve the way you think about and handle situations you face. Its energy grounds you and lets you have clear, rational thoughts.

2. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

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The meaning of this crystal represents love and compassion. You might be interested to know that the rose quartz stone is associated with the heart and throat chakras. This crystal can help you with all kinds of love — from improving communication with family and friends to developing a deeper bond with yourself.

It’s believed that rose quartz transmits a strong vibration for emotional healing. Thus, carrying it with you wards off negative emotions and returns you to the place of balance.

3. Citrine


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Citrine is most famous as a power stone. It attracts success and increases self-confidence and joy. And since it will strengthen your concentration, it is a great asset to have with you while making important decisions.

Also, this crystal can play a vital role in fighting depression and anxiety. It is an energizing gem that will help you recharge if you’re feeling drained.

Another reason this yellow-gold crystal is unique is the fact that it doesn’t need to be cleansed. (Of course, it doesn’t hurt that citrine attracts money, as well!)

4. Sodalite


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Sodalite is often called the “poet’s stone” thanks to the fact that it supports clear thinking and speaking. Undoubtedly, the blue color of this crystal is related to tranquility, creativity, and perception. Sodalite is connected to the throat chakra, and it affects your ability to speak with more clarity and reason.

In addition, manganese and calcium present in this gem will have a soothing effect on your adrenal glands — the part of your body in charge of anxiety hormones. All you need to do is incorporate this beautiful stone into your meditation routine.

5. Moonstone


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Moonstone can help you with inner growth, intuition, and stabilizing your emotions. If you are a very sensitive person, it could be just the right stone for you. This moonlight-like stone sparks your inspiration and is excellent for meditation. These attributes of the moonstone can reduce stress and anxiety.

Moonstones are especially beneficial for women because they help people connect with feminine energy — your inner goddess.

6. Kyanite


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If you’re someone who practices meditation, kyanite is the perfect gemstone for you. That is because it has a soothing effect on the soul. In fact, this translucent, deep-blue stone is often referred to as “a quick-fix for your soul.” Apart from this, kyanite erases your fears and anxiety while creating vibrations for healing.

7. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

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Above all, lapis lazuli is a symbol of protection. It will set you free from your worries and make your stress go away. This rich-blue stone can assist you with managing your emotions during difficult times. So, if you’re prone to anxiety and often feel nervous, you should keep this crystal in your room. Let it work its magic, and it will provide you with calmness and clarity.

8. Fluorite


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Fluorite is the stone that will boost your concentration and focus. Not only does this crystal imbue your life with abundance and positive energy, but it also helps you to overcome any past wounds and traumas that you have bottled up. Fluorite has the ability to detoxify your body both emotionally and spiritually. If you choose to carry this gem everywhere you go, you will notice an increasing sense of relief and peace.

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