6 Ways To Become An Expert At Resume Writing

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So, you’re a top specialist with breathtaking skills and years of experience. But there is another ‘no’ gleaming on your email screen. How many times has your job application been declined? If you’re a perfect match for a job, but big companies turn down your resume repeatedly, it’s time to find out the problem. Yeap, sometimes your writing skills are a key to the problem.

Check the article below on how to improve your resume quality or start a career as a resume writer.

Why Are Resume Writing Skills Essential?

With a resume, you bring vital information to the employer. But, if your communication is poor, the recruiter won’t get the message. Yes, everything is as simple as it sounds. You can get great resume advice here or try improving your resume writing skills on your own.

Whether you join writing courses or ask for third-party help, bringing your resume to a new level is worth it. In the end, mastering the art of resume writing will secure you a dream job.

The tips below are suitable both for resume writers and everyone who wants to refresh their resume writing skills. Check them out!

#1: Get Certified

Reach out to organizations like Career Professionals of Canada if you’re an aspiring resume writer who wants to help others. These organizations provide certifications and prove your skills and proficiency to potential clients and employers.

Other organizations to search for are as follows:

• Certified Professional Resume Writer program or CPRW. The credentials prove you’ve passed the industry standard and are officially certified to write resumes and cover letters;

• The National Resume Writers’ Association. Yeap, this is where you can find courses like ‘Resume 101.’ This is a great opportunity to learn resume writing if you’re a beginner or want to get certified as a professional;

• The Career Experts. Contact this organization for advice on climbing the career ladder and writing your first resume.

#2: Attend Writing Courses

Some colleges include resume writing as a part of extracurricular writing activities. Others teach resume writing at college writing centers. An alternative is reaching out to a career advice center which most colleges have.

If your college days are long gone, opt for resume writing courses online. Platforms like Udemy or Coursera suggest short-term courses on writing job-winning resumes. There, you’ll learn everything about resume structure and writing styles in a fun way. The only downside is the need to pay a small fee to the organization. If money is a big issue, opt for YouTube resume writing tutorials.

#3: Find Examples Online

There is a high chance that the resume of your dream already exists online. All you need is to find it! What does it mean? Use your research skills. For instance, type ‘designer resume examples.’ Choose the results you like most of all and learn the structure of the examples. The good news is that most resume writing agencies have free resume samples anyone can use.

Learn the structure and the content from the examples you find. In other words, use the resume as a sample for your very own document. Then, follow the sequence of the sections and fill the latter with the data related to your career.

#4: Upgrade Your Old Resume

If writing from scratch is not your cup of tea, opt for refurbishing your old resume. Check the font, spacing, and margins. Make sure your resume design is visually appealing to the reader. Further, add the relevant job data to sections like ‘Skills’ and ‘Experience.’ Think of the courses you’ve attended and the credentials you’ve received.

Think of formats. As a beginner, you might have used a Functional format to emphasize your skills. If you’ve become an industry professional, you might want to switch to the Chronological one. Also, remember that a resume reflects the essence of your job position. While a graphic designer might opt for a colorful template, sticking to a neutral palette is better for a business analyst.

Congrats! With a few enhancements and updates, you’ve got a brand-new resume!

#5: Learn Resume Keywords

Adding professional keywords here and there maximizes your chances of winning the job. The ATS bot determines the number of keywords in your resume. As a result, the ATS decides if you’re the perfect candidate for the job.

Stick to the following categories of professional words:

• Action words. Think of verbs that describe your job activities. For instance, ‘hiring,’ ‘drawing,’ ‘ensuring,’ etc.’

• Nouns. Think of the tools and programs you use for performing the job responsibilities;

• Names of companies and organizations. If you’ve worked for a big player in the industry, mention it.

The same goes for aspiring resume writers. When composing a resume for your client, learn the ‘language’ of their industry. Use as many professional words as you can.

#6: When Summaries And Objectives Differ

One of the common mistakes in resume writing is the lack of understanding of the difference between a summary and an objective. A summary is perfect for professionals who have been in the industry for years or decades. They have an impressive skill set and are great at solving challenges. On the other hand, an objective is perfect for beginners who have entered the industry.

In summary, the writer should mention their top skills, achievements, and experience. Then, in a resume objective, one is supposed to list their demands for the job; for instance, the need for special training as an entry-level specialist.

Both sections are important since they influence your first impression as a candidate for the job.

Final Thoughts

A top-notch resume attracts more job offers yet increases the candidate’s chances of securing a job. That’s why resume writing skills matter so much. Don’t worry! As the article shows, you can easily master the art of resume writing.

You can get certified, attend writing courses, or check resume examples online. At the same time, learn the value of keywords and the difference between a summary and an objective. Now you’re good to go!

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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