Apartments in Port de La Mer in Dubai: Prices, Investment Options And ROI

apartments in port de la mer in dubai investment

Recently, apartments in the Emirates have again become in demand for international investors as reliable and promising properties of investment. Today, the sale of real estate is very popular with fairly high incomes (for example, from rent), and it must be remembered that the market is constantly recovering, and the prices of apartments in the United Arab Emirates are constantly growing.

Both investors and those who are ready to buy investment properties in Port de La Mer, Downtown, or Palm Jumeirah, for their constant stay or for the period of seasonal residence are interested in the sale of apartments.

Ideal solution of real estate in Dubai

To date, the demand for both affordable flats and luxury spacious apartments has increased again. Buyers from different countries make a choice based on their capabilities and interests.

How much does it cost to buy an apartment in Dubai for investment income from renting out? Actually, it varies. But the ideal solution may be a hotel apartment, the profitability of which is much higher than that of housing in Dubai economy category.

If ordinary flats bring the owner about 7% annually, then the owner of hotel rooms can have up to 12% of the investment during the year. Another advantage is that all concerns are assigned to the management company. In addition, the foreign owner reserves the right to use his apartment at a convenient time for him, just informing the management company in advance.

House prices for real estate in Dubai

In terms of demand, in the first place, of course, Dubai is a tourist destination. However, housing prices there are slightly higher compared to other emirates. In Dubai, luxury apartments with a single bedroom and a size of 120 sq.m. cost about USD 550,000 or more. A studio with an area of 45 sq.m., located in a fashionable area on the seashore, will cost around USD 150,000, with USD 200,000 as the purchase of two-room apartments.

In Dubai, the approximate cost of flats reaches 1 sq. m AED 115,000 and more. However, there are projects in which the amount per 1 sq. m. is USD 10,000. Price 1 sq. m for an apartment in the United Arab Emirates in the sleeping area reaches approximately USD 45,000, and in the central part of the city – USD 7,000.

Regarding the secondary market, you can buy a two-room flat for about USD 150,000. The average cost of 1 square. m. of resold housing approximately USD 3,500.

How to choose the right option

It is better to buy residential options under construction if you are interested in such factors as: 

• the possibility of resale,
• payment by installments.

But if you want to live in the Arab Emirates, it is recommended to buy an apartment on the secondary market. The price of flats after the completion of construction works is 70-150% higher, which makes the purchase of an off-plan real estate very profitable for a foreign investor.

You must be aware that the cost of flats is based on lots of factors:

• luxury or inexpensive housing,
• villa or apartments,
• the location in which emirate you want to buy housing.

Living space is more accessible the farther from the coast it is located. In addition, it is quite attractive that there are no income taxes. The absence of tax, the presence of an original project, a chic location, climatic conditions, a huge choice and much more make buying an apartment in the United Arab Emirates quite an attractive option for an investor. 

Real estate agency in Dubai

It is not so easy to choose the most suitable option for you to purchase housing in Dubai. Each real estate has features that you are unlikely to learn about from advertisements. The best solution in this situation would be to contact professionals who, according to your criteria, will select the most advantageous offers.

Ax Capital specialists use in their work one of the most up-to-date bases for all offers in Dubai. Therefore, they are confident that they can find for you a space of any class that will best meet your requirements and price/quality ratio.

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