About Mywebpal.com

Mywebpal.com was conceived by a team of experts who believe that Internet users should be able to personalize their online experience based on life interests. The concept is basic: locate the best sites on the Internet, and re-package the pertinent information based on the user’s parameters. This sophisticated method of matching user interests to provide the most appropriate content makes Mywebpal.com a unique lifestyle portal. Mywebpal.com developed a friendly “Pal” strategy using the concept of an online expert, presented in the image of a dog. Rodney, as the dog is known, will become the user’s online best friend.

The hub of the Mywebpal.com network includes a home page that maintains all the standard portal features blended with custom e-mail, news, finances, links, and launch pads for other network products. Other network products include entertainment diaries in music, books and movies, and an achievement center to help you set, track, and achieve any goal. Future “pals” currently under development include help with shopping, health and money.

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